Time Goes on

This semester was full of highs and lows. I have come so far. I started immediately overwhelmed with how much work I was going to do in all my classes. Most of my classes this year have been very enjoyable and beneficial. I have undergone many changes and have stayed the same this semester.

My Math 141 class this year is just one of the unique classes I have never dealt with before. Initially, I had to adapt to a new way of learning. Not only did I have to learn the material, but also, I had to learn to use that knowledge and think of ways to instruct children. My INTD 105 course was filled with the most changes. From the start, adapting to the unique style of reading and writing we learned in a journal was hard. However, I made a significant change in focusing on organization and instantly became more efficient in writing my journals. Aside from the changes I made during class, I also greatly improved my well-being. When school started, I was super happy and incredibly happy with life. A couple more months in, I became much more frustrated with the work I had to do. This affected my mood. Eventually, I got out of the lousy rut by getting more sleep. While some things changed throughout the semester, some also stayed the same.

There are three major things I kept the same this semester. The first of the 3 (and the most important) is to try and do my homework on time. This is crucial because many professors grade very harshly if you do not turn assignments in on time. The second thing I kept the same was to bring a positive mood to class. Sometimes I would be in a bad mood outside of class, but when the class time arrived, I ensured I was in my best mood so my learning experience could be at its best. Lastly, I made sure I was always on time for classes. Being late can turn into a bad habit and does not look good. I try to ensure I am on time because it shows bad character and insults the teacher.

Changes are a part of life and frequent in a student’s life. The changes I made this semester were positive overall, and I made huge strides in my education. The things I did not change more closely go hand in hand with my character. I try to be the best person I can be. There were highs and lows from this semester; however, the constant changes and the things I have learned keep me anxious for the next chapter.

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