Time Goes on

This semester was full of highs and lows. I have come so far. I started immediately overwhelmed with how much work I was going to do in all my classes. Most of my classes this year have been very enjoyable and beneficial. I have undergone many changes and have stayed the same this semester.

My Math 141 class this year is just one of the unique classes I have never dealt with before. Initially, I had to adapt to a new way of learning. Not only did I have to learn the material, but also, I had to learn to use that knowledge and think of ways to instruct children. My INTD 105 course was filled with the most changes. From the start, adapting to the unique style of reading and writing we learned in a journal was hard. However, I made a significant change in focusing on organization and instantly became more efficient in writing my journals. Aside from the changes I made during class, I also greatly improved my well-being. When school started, I was super happy and incredibly happy with life. A couple more months in, I became much more frustrated with the work I had to do. This affected my mood. Eventually, I got out of the lousy rut by getting more sleep. While some things changed throughout the semester, some also stayed the same.

There are three major things I kept the same this semester. The first of the 3 (and the most important) is to try and do my homework on time. This is crucial because many professors grade very harshly if you do not turn assignments in on time. The second thing I kept the same was to bring a positive mood to class. Sometimes I would be in a bad mood outside of class, but when the class time arrived, I ensured I was in my best mood so my learning experience could be at its best. Lastly, I made sure I was always on time for classes. Being late can turn into a bad habit and does not look good. I try to ensure I am on time because it shows bad character and insults the teacher.

Changes are a part of life and frequent in a student’s life. The changes I made this semester were positive overall, and I made huge strides in my education. The things I did not change more closely go hand in hand with my character. I try to be the best person I can be. There were highs and lows from this semester; however, the constant changes and the things I have learned keep me anxious for the next chapter.

Evolution of a Suny Geneseo Student

Throughout my short time at SUNY Geneseo, I have reflected on my time last year and this year so far. Last year as a new student I was filled with all kinds of feelings, such as being constantly anxious, sometimes confused, but also filled with enjoyment and many fun opportunities and new experiences. This year the emotions and feelings were slightly different. So far it has been filled with much more excitement and joy because I have missed my friends that I made last year. The beginning of the semester has also differed from last year with my courses and what they bring to the table.

My first year wasn’t all that simple. I started off as a business major and immediately hated it because the classes were boring and not very captivating. My second semester  was much better. I started by switching majors to childhood education, and it has been my best decision to date. My classes in childhood education this year have been much more enjoyable than last semester, especially my math classes. While my classes as whole are very interesting and fit to my taste because they are smaller and more captivating, on the flip side they are also very work heavy, which can be challenging at times. This has made me reconsider my studying methods and planning. 

On the topic of planning and studying methods, INTD 105 has helped me tremendously with the readings in class. My favorites so far have been the readings of They say I Say by Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein and The Little Seagull Handbook by Richard Bulluck, Michal Brady, and Francine Weinberg. These readings are so impactful to my learning because they offer information on different writing strategies, exercises, and new ways to learn in general. These readings have helped me with my studying and readings this semester, and I only wish I had them last year. The other readings in this class have been very fascinating and intriguing but haven’t necessarily related to my life and experiences. As time goes on in this course, I expect to be a much more complete, polished writer and reader because this course is heavily rooted in my ability to do those things. I also want to take the skills that I hope to improve on,  and use that to become a better critical thinker. Most importantly I wish to  come out of this course as a better person because there are so many inspirational stories and readings that have made me have a different outlook on life and the struggles people have gone through.  

Beginnings at SUNY Geneseo

`      To start, my name is Jake Hamilton. I am from Geneseo, NY,  and I am a student at SUNY Geneseo college. My major is Childhood education with a focus on history. As far back as Elementary school, I’ve always been interested in history. I took two gap years out of high school to work and figure out my life. Thankfully, I decided to go to college and not only study what I love, history, but to take the steps to become a teacher. I chose to study education and focus on history because I’ve always been good at interacting with children.

 Reflections on the first weeks at Geneseo: When the first day of school started, I was filled with all kinds of emotions. At first, I was very nervous because I was always scared to go to college as a kid; however, as things went on the first day, I began to feel better as I realized it wasn’t that different from high school. As the week went on, many exciting things happened; for starters, I became friends with many other students. One of the guys I met was on the club baseball team and wanted me to join. This made me happy since I’ve always loved baseball.        

Courses during the first week of school were a bit boring, considering there was not a lot of material to cover since it was (syllabus) week; however, as time went on,  I actually enjoyed my classes. The classes so far seem to be pretty easy, but a lot of busy work to which I  am not accustomed. I am taking psychology, math, humanities, writing, and art history classes this semester. The only class I find to be very difficult is my Math 140 class. I’ve always struggled with mathematics,  especially geometry, which is sadly a big part of 140. I am hopeful that with the right resources, I will succeed.

         My expectations for INTD 105 are obviously to become a better writer. More specifically, I would like to learn more about the different ways to introduce writing, such as introduction paragraphs and opening sentences to start paragraphs, learn new writing styles or perfect a specific writing style, and also become more efficient with my use of punctuation. I’ve always struggled with getting my writing started with a good introduction or beginning sentence, so hopefully, this class will help me. I’ve also been a notoriously bad speller and a user of punctuation. I never really understood when to use the correct punctuation at the right time, other than maybe a period. Needless to say, in the future, this will be a challenge.

The readings we have done for INTD 105 have genuinely helped me understand writing better. The book They Say, I Say by Gerald Graff and Kathy Birkenstein has helped me use proper grammar and vocabulary in various ways in my classes. The book has expanded my knowledge greatly. The readings in class haven’t necessarily connected with my everyday life or life experiences, but they have been touching, needless to say.