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Following my midterms, I thought courses would slow down, but the exact opposite was in store. In a blink of an eye, school work has piled up, and free time has diminished. Once we reached this landmark in the first semester, each course upgraded its homework load and level of difficulty. Post-midterm, I had a bit of a laid-back approach, but continuing to think that some of my classes were a breeze was a big mistake. I ended up performing poorly on multiple assignments, and with this switch, an immediate change had to be made. I had to set my priorities straight again, putting school before social life. One thing I would recommend throughout your school year is never to stop giving the maximum effort in each class. By doing so, you will stay on top of your work and become a better student and person. Sticking with a daily routine helps with the organizational factors of everything school related. Being absent for a couple of classes due to illness allowed me to fall behind in the first couple of weeks after midterms, but since then, I’ve been back on track with the workload. I have enjoyed the readings and lessons we can pull out of them.

In my INTD class, one connection that I made to reading American Tet was when Danny and Angela were talking about Angela’s options with surgery after she returned from the military. In this scene, Angela asks Danny for a loaded gun, implying that Angela wants to commit suicide. Later in the act, Angela shoots herself, allowing Danny to freeze and panic about the problem. Even though I wasn’t put in this situation, I’ve helped by talking with one of my friends from home about the topic. Suicide is too common and tends to be used as an easy way out. When people with addictive personalities receive that thought, they must express their feelings. When I was a junior in high school, one of my close friends was having thoughts about suicide due to their at-home life and relationships. It was a lot thrown on the person at once, but luckily the person was smart enough to ask for help. Experiences like those don’t fade away and pay a mental toll on people because the thought of loss digs deep into the heart.

What do you hope for by the end of the semester, including finals? Almost everyone might answer this question by saying, “good grades,” but I hope to retain and thoroughly understand the information being taught. After the semester, a letter or number on your paper won’t determine your future. Grades are crucial for your future, but leaving the class with knowledge comes first. For my finals, I plan on studying the information on the exam and how I can use this information outside of the classroom. I’m aiming for my grades to be above eighty percent, so I have a “B-” or above. Right now, I’m doing well in most of my courses, but I have to push myself harder to receive better grades. Outside of class, one hope that I wish to achieve is figuring out the perfect schedule to incorporate school and working out. The balance has been challenging with the amount of homework I’ve received, but I hope to find a mix between both. At the end of the day, I realized that if I continue to work hard, good things will come as a result.

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