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We’re students reflecting on our first-year experience at SUNY Geneseo.

We’re all enrolled in Geneseo’s first-year course in critical writing and reading, INTD 105. Every section of INTD 105 focuses on a different topic. In Fall 2022, students from three different sections are blogging here: Therapy for Veterans (Prof. Jaime Arena), African Lives in Short (Prof. Olaocha Nwabara), and The Modern Age in America (Prof. Lisa D’Angelo).

We’re using this space to connect our work in the classroom to what’s going on in our lives right now. Our professors are helping us to draft, revise, and improve our efforts to use writing as a tool for self-reflection and integrative learning.

We’re following in the footsteps of students in three sections of INTD 105 who blogged here last year.

We hope you enjoy what you read here!

– Fall 2022 FYC students

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Fall 2021

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