The end of the beginning

The warm August day when my family had packed the car up and had taken an hour’s drive to SUNY Geneseo suddenly feels lightyears away as I approach the end of my first semester. As the seasons have begun to change, it is clear through the student’s energy that they are starting their own metamorphosis as well. While I observe those around me and how they are coping with the complexities of collegiate life, as well as live through it myself, it is fascinating to compare the experiences.

The emotional status of myself and my fellow students can be comparable to that of a teacup constantly on the edge of a table, almost falling off the edge. The combination of spring semester registration stress and a sense of comfort in the normalcy of the current semester seems to have sent many, like me, down a spiraling path. There is an overwhelming sensation that occurs whilst an individual feels hyper-emotions of both peace and anxiety simultaneously. Personally, I have been able to find small pieces of tranquility through my own coping mechanisms, friends, and organization. A small affirmation I have been attempting to remind myself of while in states of panic is that not everything can be handled at once, and things will get done in their own time. It can be extremely easy to get caught up in the static of schoolwork, classes, and studying instead of living life in the moment and appreciating the experiences around you.

Perhaps it is naïve to have such high hopes for the second semester of my freshman year however I feel as though the knowledge that has accumulated in my mind over these past few months will be beneficial towards my future experiences. The spring semester sits in my subconscious as I mentally prepare myself for the classes, exams, new classmates, and more. It almost feels as though we are set back to step one with this new semester, but depending on your outlook, this could be either good or bad. The disruption of the previous semester’s flow might be a struggle initially, but that is a feat that can easily be overcome in due time. It truly can come down to how each person’s opinion on change and starting new. Despite only having three months of understanding for my newfound lifestyle, my optimism in my abilities to do well in classes, maintain relationships, and take care of myself is vital.

However, the importance of working through this first semester and tackling the issues at hand lies in front of my face. At this point, finals are not close enough to where they are dangling over my head like an anvil waiting to drop down as they still seem like a far distance fantasy. The unfortunate truth is that finals are an increasing reality that will strike my consciousness when I least expect it. For now, I am keeping a clear focus on the assignments at hand that are beginning to pile with Thanksgiving break approaching.

Since August 30, 2021, I have spent time learning and expanding in the new environment around me as I grow accustomed to being a college student. It feels as though I have gained knowledge that I could not have known anywhere else. I have strong beliefs that as my opportunities to grow into myself will only broaden as time goes on. Through my experiences such as participating in lecture conversations, going out of my comfort zone to be involved in clubs like Badminton, or even attending the Campus’ screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show. I have proven to myself that I am capable of flourishing in my newfound college life.

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