Halfway point

At long last, we finally made it halfway through the semester! This semester has been a real doozy, to say the least. A lot has occurred throughout this short amount of time, ranging from getting sick, making new friends, dying over midterms, and making impulsive decisions that are now leading me to another country next semester. What a rollercoaster.

Beginning with this course specifically, it’s actually one of my best classes. I’m not struggling in comparison to my other classes. The class and the material being taught is not only easy to digest, but it’s fascinating! Like, I genuinely enjoy coming to class and taking in the material we learn every day. Professor Arena’s teaching style also aids in this immensely; the way she teaches connects with students and livens up the classroom. There’s never a dull moment in the class, which I appreciate. I usually do not do well in courses that don’t pique my interest in some way, shape, or form. However, my grades in this class are very high, and I’m genuinely enjoying this course, which is an excellent indicator of how delightful I find it.

As stated in my previous blog, I am not a first-year student. However, I’m treating this semester as my first semester at Geneseo due to COVID hindering my first two semesters. In comparison, I’m doing much better than I did in the middle of my actual first semester. My grades are being kept up with, and I’m procrastinating much less. I’m also out more due to my classes being in-person. I spend most of my time in Doty Hall at the Office of Diversity and Equity, where I work. The space is quite charming; I highly recommend stopping by if you can. I could connect with my coworkers more due to more frequent contact. We do many things; go out for lunch, listen to my music (since I’m the official work DJ), rant, cry – as coworkers do. It’s a safe space for me, something I was not able to have last semester. I appreciate them and everyone in the office with my entire being.

Impulsive decisions have also ruled almost all of this semester. I bought things to feed into my collections, which I probably shouldn’t have, but oh well. I dyed my hair as well (against my parents’ wishes, of course).

Also, I’m moving to South Korea next semester. Surprise! I decided to apply to the study-abroad program impulsive and, well, yeah. Now I’m here. It took a bit to convince my parents, but I got through to them. I have felt so incredibly disconnected from my Korean identity. My parents tried their best to immerse me in the culture, but it just was never enough. This opportunity allows me to finally explore a part of my heritage that I have been lacking. I’m beyond excited about this journey. I’m especially looking forward to meeting the friends and family I could only talk through a screen. The planning and paperwork going into this are driving me absolutely bonkers, but my giddiness overrides that anxiety (for now). I’m so glad I made this decision; I usually avoid self-indulgent choices due to a personal complex, but thank goodness I pulled through with this one. I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity, and I plan to make the most of it!

If I could summarize the contents of this semester in one word, I’d choose appreciation. I’m just so thankful for all the things and experiences this semester has bestowed upon me. At this point of the semester last year, I was miserable. Classwork was piling up, I barely interacted with anyone, and my mental health was a burning pile of trash. I’m doing much better this semester. I’m still facing hiccups, but overall, I’m satisfied with the progress I’ve made. I genuinely feel that I have grown as a person – my work ethic is pretty good, I interact with plenty of people, and I love my job (a rare statement). I expect the rest of this semester to go on like this, maybe with some improvements as well. I hope that you all are also having some positive experiences. If not, I am manifesting it for all of you! Hang in there; we’re almost done!

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