Welcome to Geneseo (sort of)

Hello to everyone reading this! I would like to apologize in advance, for the lack of a better term, the mess you are about to encounter. I’m somewhat of a scatter-brain, and this will reflect in my writing. Hi! I’m Riddhi Patel, a sophomore here at Geneseo. I am a Political Science major and with a minor in Asian Studies. I come from a family of immigrants, one who prides themselves on being incredibly Asian. I speak five languages and am learning my sixth one! I am an avid collector of many things, my most extensive collection being glass animals/figurines. I’m vegetarian and have a huge soft spot for bell peppers.

I did not intend to go to Geneseo at all. By complete chance, I ended up here; I did eeny-meanie-miny-mo with the colleges I got accepted into, and it just happened to land on Geneseo. I started Fall of 2020, but as everyone knows, my first semester here was not a typical “first semester” (thank you, COVID). Taking classes online and barely being on campus made my first two semesters here feel unreal. However, I’m treating this semester as my first actual semester here at Geneseo. This semester is going reasonably well! I’m making new friends, and my work-study job is finally in-person, which is nice. I finally get to walk around campus more. My workload is all over the place, but that is nothing new. The only major issue I’ve been having is with the food on campus; the new meal plan is a significant pain, and I wish the food system was like last year. Aside from the usual stress and this wonky meal plan, things are going pretty ok.

Lastly, I wanted to share that I was not supposed to be in this class; my original course was canceled, and I was placed here. I expected this class to be much more rigorous and challenging, but that is not the case. The class workload is very doable, and the atmosphere is fun! I did not expect this class to be as enjoyable as it turned out to be. I am pleasantly surprised. I am hoping the rest of the semester goes along on this note. I am looking forward to it!

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