The terrible midterms

When my professors mentioned midterms, I thought, Oh no, how am I going to pass those? In the past, I was always a good test taker, but I had never taken a college-level exam before. I was nervous and worried that they were going to be extremely difficult. I went to office hours and met with my professors to get assistance with the material that confused me. By doing so, I was reminded once again that the professors at Geneseo are here for us; they not only want to see their students pass, but to succeed in their classes. Something else that made my adjustment to a college workload easier was creating a study group. I am in a study group for my geography course. It has introduced me to different ways of studying, and I get the benefit of learning how my peers remember important concepts and key ideas. Most importantly, my study group allowed me to make friends, and now I have people to walk to class with and who I can go to when I am struggling. The terrible midterms aren’t so terrible when you have a support system to help you keep your grades and spirits up!

What to expect when you’re going to Geneseo

When move-in day arrived at Geneseo, I had millions of thoughts running through my head: “What if I start failing classes?” “What if I start to fall behind in my work?” Although I thought these things before the first day of classes, they turned out not to be true. The professors are here to help you succeed, and they want to see their students excel and graduate. If you start to fall behind in a class, talk to the professor and they will help you catch up. Some professors also have teaching assistants who have office hours so you can see them to get help. The teaching assistants are upperclassmen who have taken that course already, and they can offer a unique perspective on the material. With such a big support system on campus, I knew I had nothing to worry about. Even though my first year was at the end of a global pandemic, Geneseo has taken precautionary measures, such as ensuring that everyone is wearing a mask and setting up hand-sanitizing stations throughout the buildings on campus. The college has made all of the necessary accommodations so students feel safe and comfortable while they attend classes. On the social front, everyone at Geneseo is so nice and willing to lend a helping hand. Overall, my college journey is off to a great start and I cannot wait to continue the rest of my education at Geneseo!