The terrible midterms

When my professors mentioned midterms, I thought, Oh no, how am I going to pass those? In the past, I was always a good test taker, but I had never taken a college-level exam before. I was nervous and worried that they were going to be extremely difficult. I went to office hours and met with my professors to get assistance with the material that confused me. By doing so, I was reminded once again that the professors at Geneseo are here for us; they not only want to see their students pass, but to succeed in their classes. Something else that made my adjustment to a college workload easier was creating a study group. I am in a study group for my geography course. It has introduced me to different ways of studying, and I get the benefit of learning how my peers remember important concepts and key ideas. Most importantly, my study group allowed me to make friends, and now I have people to walk to class with and who I can go to when I am struggling. The terrible midterms aren’t so terrible when you have a support system to help you keep your grades and spirits up!

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