End of semester thoughts and goals

Since midterms, I would say things have progressed a lot. Through the first two blogs, I explained how different college was from high school and the massive change in environment I was experiencing. However, after coming out of my midterms, I have begun to realize that I am becoming accustomed to the college environment. In most of my classes, I have seen a positive effect on my grade after using more of the resources offered to me. Using these resources has influenced my grades more positively. By now, I feel more comfortable with all my teachers and have no problem scheduling appointments during office hours before any tests. I have begun to utilize more resources that the school offers, such as the math learning center and resources in the library, to help me improve in my classes. My main focus for the second half of this semester is to fine-tune everything so when next semester starts; there will be no surprises or anything new that I need to become accustomed to. There are also areas outside of class and school that I have progressed in too. I have found a group of friends I hang out with who share similar interests. We also created a broomball team which has been some of the most fun I have had. Overall, I have progressed positively since mid-terms ended and even a little before that.

Focusing on this course, I was constantly feeling comfortable in this class and felt I had flexibility with my writing in my journals and blogs. In other classes, you have to follow a specific format or idea, but with the class, you can write about what you truly want, which made it easier for me to progress. This class has been one of the best classes to work in, with a very welcoming environment. I can definitely tell that with this class, I have been learning how to become a better writer and more understanding of PTSD. The primary reading for me that I was able to connect with was American Tet. I thought that the main point of the play was showing the different sides and views of war. Not everyone realizes that more than just the military member may be dealing with PTSD. At first, before reading this play, I knew military members and families fought with PTSD. Still, I never knew that the family could also undergo the same extent or even more significantly. I believe that Nhu is an excellent example of a person who has PTSD that most people would never even consider thinking about. Our country tends only to acknowledge our side of the war and never the enemy’s side. The idea is that people from that country could suffer tremendously more than we think during war.

With the end of the semester coming to an end, I am unsure what that time of year will look like for me. Typically throughout high school, I’ve learned that finals have always meant two things, stress and studying. However, if there is one thing I have learned so far this year, it is that college and high school are not nearly the same in any way. The biggest difference for me is that my professors are making finals more of a project and something fun and interactive rather than just an extended test of what we learned in class. This is something that I found super interesting because, for me, projects and assignments like that have more of an influence on me rather than a big test. My main hope for the end of the semester is to do well in school. This is most important to me because I know that these grades are what is setting me up for a successful future. So for school, I would like to maintain and achieve high grades for the semester and all of my finals. I would also like to feel 100% comfortable and confident coming back for the second semester. One main problem with the first semester was that I stressed too much about the small things when they ended up working themselves out. I want to come back and have a fun and stress-free experience.

New Thoughts and Ideas Halfway Through The First Semester

After completing the first half of this semester, there have been many parts so far about Geneseo that I can reflect on. Even more, I realized when I first got here that everyone is in the same position as you. In the first blog, I talked about how I thought meeting new friends would be hard. However, I now realize that everyone is in the same boat. After realizing this, it became much easier to talk to new people and put myself out there more. I have joined club baseball and the jazz band to continue my hobbies from high school and find new people with my interests. Now, some of my close friends from Geneseo are from baseball and jazz bands. By putting myself out there even a bit, I found a group of people I felt comfortable and happy around. This being one of the most essential parts of school, I am much more relaxed to know that I found my group of people.

Along with making new friends, I’ve developed skills related to school and the work that comes with it. One thing I knew I would need to work on was time management skills. As I said in the first blog, high school is when your time and schedule are planned out for you. However, after being here for half a semester, I gained time management skills and realized what works for me and what does not. For example, I have found around campus where I can focus and get work done and areas where I get distracted. I figured out how to study, what to study, and how to take better notes. Overall, the first half of this semester has been going extraordinarily. I have been having fun while still being able to manage my workload without stressing myself out more than I should.

Courses so far have been going well. Learning how specific class work should be done and the different learning styles of the teachers is something that has helped me. Most of my classes have become easier than I thought once I learned them and how each assignment works. Learning how to use canvas and other programs given by the school has made classes even simpler. I’ve met with many of my teachers during office hours to review assignments and for extra help. Also, I’ve gone to the math learning center for help, and plan on going to the writing center with my essays. My courses are good and fun because I could choose most of my courses based on my interests. Being able to do that has made the classes more enjoyable than the ones I had in high school. I would say college, for me, is ten times better than high school and is definitely something everyone should be able to experience.

In INDT, when reading, They Say I Say, I connected with basically every chapter in a different way. Each chapter hit points I emphasized in the first blog when discussing my goals and improvements for this class and my writing. I was able to understand a few of the many ideas from the book. The few that I best understood were to talk in your own voice as if you were having a conversation, don’t be more complex than you are, use transitions, and find a direct audience to pinpoint when writing. The two biggest takeaways from those aspects are using transitions and writing with your genuine voice. I know I have always needed to work on my transitions (in general) and to help the flow of my writing; definitely, after reading the chapters, that has become easier. We have only read a couple of chapters from The Theatre of War, but I was able to take some of what was said to heart. I want to understand more about veterans and what their life is like during and after being deployed. Even though it would be impossible to understand what they were feeling and experiencing, I want to understand better. I am interested in reading more and more chapters to help grow my knowledge and understanding.

I expect and hope to be in the same situation I am now, with more of an understanding of time management and putting myself out there. I am happy with my social life, but I know putting myself out there even more can’t hurt, and more opportunities are being presented to me daily. I expect to get closer to the baseball guys and build stronger bonds with them. At the end of the semester, I want to have a clear and solid understanding of how college works. I want to finalize what works and what doesn’t to have an even better second semester. I don’t always like to put expectations on myself because it’s not always possible to reach those expectations. However, I set so many goals for myself that I know I can take my time to reach them, and I won’t expect to complete them until I can. I expect myself to succeed and always to work hard, but I wouldn’t say I have any specific expectations for myself except to work hard and enjoy it.

First Thoughts On College

My name is Justin Ronzoni, and I am from Long Island. A few things that would be important to know about me would be that I run track, play baseball, enjoy fishing, and anything that has to do with the outdoors. I was on the track team throughout high school and played baseball during the summer. I was the president of my high school fishing club and went on many different fishing trips. Club and track were key reasons for my success in high school. Growing up, I was always that shy and quiet kid who didn’t care to be popular or talkative. However, running for president of the club and winning forced me (in a good way) to branch out and become more of a leader and more social than I had before. As the lead high jumper, I constantly taught younger teammates how to high jump. Another big part of my life ever since elementary school was that I also played the alto saxophone. I played in the Jazz Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, and pep band for many years of my life.

After going through my first week at Geneseo, I can reflect on many things. First, I realized that everyone is in the same boat as you. When I first came to campus on move-in day, I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to fit in or handle the new surroundings. However, I understood that all the other freshmen around me were in the same situation. I understood that everyone was looking to make new friends and trying to become more comfortable in the new environment, just like me. I also learned that I really need to work on my time management skills. In high school, every class and all the work were in the same format, and there was a schedule that stayed the same day after day. Now in college, I understand that everything will look completely different than in high school. There is a little bit of structure, but for the most part, it is up to you to figure out when and what you must do.

I am currently taking seventeen credits which is more than what is recommended for a freshman. Even though it may seem like a lot, most of my courses have been fun. Therefore, even though it is an actual school, the classes are topics I choose and enjoy more. It distracts me from the fact that they are classes, making it a bigger adjustment than I thought moving from high school to college, but I enjoy the change in the environment. Being in the same controlled environment for years is not suitable for the real world, so I know college and experience are key for the future. The courses I am currently taking are super interesting, such as this one. Taking classes that I enjoy and count towards my degree is amazing.

Obviously, my biggest expectation for this class is to grow as a writer and become better. Writing, I would have to say, is my worst subject. There are a few parts of my writing that I struggle with and am looking to improve. First, I would like to grow my vocabulary and use more complex words in my writing. Secondly, I would like to work on having my essays flow more easily. Instead of it being choppy and a little all over the place, I want to be able to find a format of writing that will allow my sentences to flow from one to another. Using more transitional words and phrases would be a big step in accomplishing that goal. Being in this theater for veterans’ class will be enjoyable and make the writing process fun and not something I would usually dread.

So far, after reading most of They Say, I Say, I can relate to and use so much of what the book covers. Many of the points of improvement I want to achieve during this class are brought up in the book. For example, the book often brings up the use of transitions to help the flow of any writing. My high school teachers always asked me to use more transition words, which is something I want to work on in this class. I also realized that sometimes it is ok to write how you talk in person. Coming into college, I always thought you had to have this complex writing and voice, but after reading one of the chapters, it explained how you could use your true voice to make a more complex essay.