INTD 105

Officially, 1/16th of the way through my college career, I am looking for a way to slow down time. We all know the older you get, the faster time goes. With how quickly high school flew by, I can’t help but realize this part of my life will breeze by before I know it. All I can do about it is try my best to enjoy everything, Because I know looking back, I will realize how great it was.

Last weekend was our fall break. I made the six hour drive back to my hometown. Seeing my family, friends, and dog was awesome, but I realized how much I love being at school. After being home for just a few days, I was itching to come back up here and hang out with all the new friends I have made. My favorite part about being home was consistently eating good food. The average food here really makes you appreciate a nice home-cooked meal or a Hot slice of New York Pizza.

Recently, we wrapped up our fall season for lacrosse. I enjoyed playing with my new teammates, but unfortunately, I was forced to sit on the sideline the last few practices due to a nagging Lower Back injury. I am no stranger to injury as I have broken seven bones and suffered a bad knee injury. This injury has been my number one stressor since I arrived because, as a freshman, First impressions mean a lot, and not having the ability to Play at 100% is frustrating to say the least.

In terms of classes, surprisingly, my workload has been pretty consistent. Fortunately for me, my schoolwork is rather cyclic, and I have done a good job at getting everything done on time. Midterms were quite stressful but spread out over about 2 weeks, so I was able to study for pretty much all of them. I am not happy with my score in microeconomics, so this class will be one of my main focuses heading into the second half of the semester.

This is one of my more enjoyable classes so far. It’s a great mix-up as a finance major and the material is interesting. We have had some deep discussions in class and I really appreciate how Professor Arena treats us like adults and shares things with us that aren’t easy to talk about. It’s not every day that you get to talk to a veteran, and I am very grateful I have been able to learn so much from her. The stories about 9/11 and the wild journey overseas were super engaging to me and I’m sure I could listen to plenty more stories all day long.

Playing lacrosse here was truly a great decision. I love the sport but I believe it’s not what you’re doing; it’s who you’re with. I could be playing cricket (nothing against cricket) with this group of guys and I would still be loving it. I can truly say we all have each other’s backs, which goes so far on and off the field. Every great team I’ve been on has had unbreakable bonds and that’s what builds champions. This is related to class because a lot of what we talk about is war. There are situations in the readings where they’re going through hell but still cracking jokes and lightening the mood. It is human nature to want to be happy and there is always a way.

I was nervous coming in about rooming with a kid I had never met before who lived six hours away from me. Only a few months in, he is already a lifelong friend. We share many of the same interests and hobbies and both benefit from our relationship. Being with someone in an abundance of time like this will always cause conflict, but we have gotten along great for the most part.

My goal for the end of semester is to end with a GPA in the mid-threes. I have a heavy class load as I am taking 17 credits, so I feel like I can go up from here with a lighter schedule next semester. I have been in the athletic trainer’s room 5 days a week to do everything I can to get my back healthy for the spring.

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