My First Weeks at Geneseo in the Perspective of a Student Athlete

My name is Paul Fiorvante. I’m from Ronkonkoma, New York, which is located in Long Island. Some background on me is that I am an accounting major; running Track and field here at SUNY Geneseo. I was born and raised on Long Island, so coming to college at Geneseo, which is over 300 miles away from home, is a huge adjustment for me. My first week here at Geneseo was extremely fun, but I also needed to make a lot of adjustments. I have had to learn how to live on my own, learn how to make my long-distance relationship work, and overall adapt to my new living situation.

My courses here (so far) have been enjoyable. The one class I consider the most interesting has to be data analytics. The reason why is that I have to learn how to code. It’s something that is completely new to me and I like learning new things that are inherently difficult, personally enjoy the satisfaction of finally figuring it out. When you finally figure out a tough problem, (especially in this class), it is extremely fulfilling. The course im struggling with the most, (by far), has to be microeconomics. The beginning was so easy, but as everything was starting to build on top of each other, I realized that it was going to be a long semester. Thankfully, there are a bunch of resources you can go out and use to help you online. Things such as practice problems as well as tutors are provided here which will help you tremendously.

I have a few expectations for my INTD105 class. My first expectation is that I hope this class will enable me to improve my creative writing skills. I want to learn about building upon my writing and building up on my ideas, as opposed to just doing the bare minimum. I also want to learn the MLA 8 format and how to use it correctly. Reason being, is that I never learned how to use it in high school. In taking this course, it will make me a more effective writer . I want to learn how to clearly express my ideas. Pertaining to the writing, I haven’t found anything that specifically pertains to me, however, I am looking forward to seeing if any future material relates to me as we continue.

My expectations for this school year are simple. I hope to do well on track, Improve academically and be successful in all of my endeavors here. I’m hoping to at least get up to 6’5” in high jump and cut all my sprinting times down. I also hoping to improve in the courses that i’m already struggling with. I hope to have an overall positive experience here and become better at everything I do.

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