Making it Through

In this school year, we are approaching fall break, which has come quite fast. I have been taking trips home almost every weekend due to feeling homesick; I enjoy seeing everyone back home immensely and always dread leaving. Despite appreciating my new friends here, a trip home always feels nice at the end of my busy week. I have gotten very close with my two new friends who I have made in my suite. That’s right, I said two. In our room, there was a bee situation that caused one of the girls to move out, so now it’s just the four of us total. Overall, though, I feel closest with Emma and Ava. The bee situation was a mess and caused us to move out of our rooms for a day so they could exterminate the bees. Since then, we haven’t had any problems.

So far, my courses are going well for me. I enjoy some courses less than others, but I don’t let that interfere with my performance in any of the classes. In my classes, I have made some new friends as well. I would say that I have made at least one in all of them, besides my psychology class, due to my outside friends already being there. There have been tests in all of my classes, except for this class, INTD 105. I’ve done decently well on all of them but could still improve in some areas. Personally, in my Psychology course, I seem not to be doing so well on the tests. It’s tough because the only assignments we have are exams on multiple chapters covering tons of information. All of the information in the chapters can sometimes be very difficult to retain and know the meaning of an example since we never revisit the information in class. My biggest struggle that holds me back from achieving the best score could be the lack of studying. I rarely studied in high school, so I find it hard to adjust to studying so much in college now. Eventually, it will be second nature to me, though, and then I will be able to earn a better score in all of my classes. For example, I plan on reviewing my notes at least twice a day, each day, at least a week in advance. I hope to do better on all my upcoming exams this semester and all of the following.

This class, INTD 105, is going well for me and I appreciate the organizational aspect of it, along with the writing. I enjoy writing essays and taking notes, so this class truly allows me to do so all the time. In terms of connecting with the work, though, I do not feel as if any of it seems to resonate with me. Nevertheless, I still find all the information and readings to be deeply interesting. Additionally, I do enjoy taking part in the understanding of the feelings that Veterans face when dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, otherwise known as PTSD. On the other hand, I’m not a fan of reading out loud in front of the class, especially about rough topics like this. However, I do like that we were able to get into little groups and read that way, as that makes me feel more comfortable with reading aloud.

By the end of this semester, I expect to have a good GPA of at least 3.0. I believe this is doable for me as I take pride in my grades, which pushes me to do my best in all of my classes. As mentioned previously, I do plan on getting into the routine of studying more so that I can truly perform my best on all of the exams I take. I plan to try different methods of studying to find which truly works best for me. In the next blog, hopefully, I will have my best working method for studying down and will improve, especially in PSYCH. Overall, though, I feel like my time here is passing quickly, but I’m thankful for my friends who are right by my side through it all.

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