My Experience At Geneseo

           My name is Nadia and I’m trying to get through the first semester. I’m trying to make schedules so that I can keep myself organized; without them, my day turns into a complete mess. If I organize my time wisely, I will do well in my classes, but if I don’t, I will fall behind. I also joined a few clubs on campus to make friends. However, it will take time for me to make friends with the people I meet. One of the clubs I joined is the Music Society. We talk about how the Geneseo Music and Musical Theater Department can be promoted on campus. Another club I’m involved in is the Korean American Student Association. I joined it because I’m curious to learn more about Korean culture. I also wanted to do Exit 8, which is an acapella group on campus, but unfortunately, I didn’t make it when I was trying to audition for it, and it made me upset. I was also pressured to do Pep Band since a few students in my major encouraged me to join. I also wanted to do Pride Alliance to learn more about the LGBTQIA+ community and to learn more about my sexuality, but I didn’t have time since I was busy with homework. I wanted to do the Japanese Culture Club, but again, the time conflicted with the SI Session that I needed to go for Geology so that I could pass that class.

         I’m doing okay in my courses, but I just need to be consistent on what I have to do for homework when I’m not in class and will need a planner to stay on track of what I need to do for homework so I won’t fall behind. Sometimes, I go overboard with doing homework, don’t manage time between sleep, and go to bed at two or three a.m. Besides homework, I will also need to set time to study for quizzes in Geology since we have them every Friday and also need some time to practice piano. I’m a French Horn student, but I must take Piano since I’m a Performance Major. In Geology, I do struggle with understanding the coursework, I go to Supplement Instruction sessions that are essential, so I don’t fail Geology. If I fail the course, I definitely will have to take it in the spring. 

        I don’t expect to get a perfect grade, but I expect to pass Theater Therapy by the end of the semester. I don’t expect this class to be hard, although there are assignments that involve reading and writing, including journals, blogs, reading, and taking notes. I sometimes fall behind in this class because I focus on the work and studying that I need to do for other classes and forget what I need to do for this course. Regardless, I try to hand in the assignments so that I can pass because I don’t want to fail this class since I’m already struggling in Geology.

  In the future, I’m hopeful that I can successfully pass the fall semester of 2023 at Geneseo and that I can form my first real authentic friendship compared to the other friendships I had in high school. On the bright side, I haven’t encountered any mean girls yet, but I hope I don’t since my experience with them back in high school ended up being upset and also hating them. College is different from high school and I’m trying my best to adjust at Geneseo since the campus itself is big and the environment is a bit culture-shocking. What I like about college is you don’t have to waste six hours a day being stuck in nine-period classes, so that you don’t necessarily get bored in them. However, what I need to improve on is managing time between classes, homework, clubs, and sleep so that I can stay happy and healthy.

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