Wrapping up my First Year

I can’t believe I’m almost done with my first semester of college. Graduating high school feels like yesterday. With the excitement of the year ending also comes plenty of stress. The worries of finals and grades closing are lurking closer and closer. Beyond the stress of finals, my grades have been better since midterms. After midterms, I felt I had a better grasp of college life. I had finally developed a consistent routine and was more organized with my schoolwork. As the semester ends, I become more excited for the next semester. Next semester I will have declared a psychology major, and my schedule will start to have more structure. This semester has been filled with new experiences. This class has been a new experience for me. Compared to high school, I have never taken a class set up like this one. The collaboration in this class makes it a whole new way of learning. Seeing how my peers dealt with an assignment gives me a new perspective. It helps you open your eyes to the topic in ways you would have never thought of alone.

Along with this, I also developed a new level of listening skills. Now when someone talks to me, I try to absorb the information to the point I can repeat it back to them. Also, reading the book The Theatre of war was something I learned from. The book shows how these Greek war stories go in-depth about what the warrior is experiencing inside and out. This helps family members of a veteran with PTSD better understand and empathize with what the soldier is going through. I saw this in the book, and I instantly applied it to my own life. I’ve many people close to me that I got mad at for the way they were acting without understanding their situation. I never understood why my dad was so strict until I learned about his childhood struggles. This book does a great job of helping the reader step into the shoes of Military personnel and veterans with PTSD. Overall, this course has opened my eyes to how strong these veterans are with PTSD.

As this semester ends, I have a lot to ensure is in place. In the little time I have left, I want to do everything possible to get my grades up or keep them up in all my classes. Besides my standard grades, I also have final exams creeping closer and closer. This is a stressful time of year, and as the time to study everything, I hope to do well on my finals. College finals sound intimidating just because they are new to me, but I know if I apply myself, I will do well. I hope to put myself in a good position for next semester so I don’t have to make up for bad grades in the first semester. Overall I want to end this semester feeling that I have achieved my best, and if I don’t, I’ll have to work much harder in the spring.

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