The odd duckling

By: Vivian Youmans

When starting my first week of Geneseo, I wanted to go home. I felt like I was the odd duckling among the rest of the students around me. I seemed to have convinced myself that I wasn’t going to find a good group of friends even to do the simplest things such as eat dinner with, but now being halfway through, I can see my next four years being here at Geneseo with some of the best people I’ve met. The most solidified thing for me now is a routine of when my classes are and where they are, and what I should be doing in between. I do have to say I am one to procrastinate a bunch, and that can lead to overwhelming stress on myself. Overall, I am more comfortable on campus than when I first started.

As far as my classes go, I believe I am in good standing. Each class of mine has an assignment due on the same day every week, which is beyond helpful in solidifying a routine. As I said before, procrastination has been falling heavily onto me recently. During the first weeks of class, I wanted to ensure I started in good standing, but now it is more of a mentality to have it in before it’s due. Even if that being it is turned in ten minutes before the cut-off time. On the plus side, I am pretty lucky to have no midterms, especially before fall break. I think I speak for myself and other students when I say the single-digit days before fall break drag on drastically. I am happy with what I have accomplished this far into the semester, and I’m excited to see where I am heading. 

One could talk about all of the classes in my schedule and how they have impacted me, but I have chosen to talk briefly about Theatre Therapy for Veterans. In the class, we have covered a wide range of materials, stretching from mental health to the effect PTSD has had over hundreds of years. When in class, we indulged in the readings of Bryan Doerries. He has made connections about love and how far it spans in his life, and I realize that I can make my own connections with love within my life so far at SUNY Geneseo. When I gave my goodbye hugs from my hometown family and friends, I found that making new friendships and finding that love here on campus is a must-do. As the months have gone by, I have noticed that no matter how far I am away from home, the distance won’t break the bond between my family and me. I am also speaking of love having a massive effect on me because I am one of many incoming freshmen with a long-distance relationship. That person can be thousands of miles away from you; luckily for me, it is only about a hundred. Back on track with the overall thoughts on the class so far, I say two words; absolutely fantastic. The readings and blogs have significantly impacted my view of this class and my writing tactics. 

By the end of the semester, I believe I will be in a comfortable position. To be able to see a finish line by mid-December, I have a reason to keep going. Honestly, I can’t say I will have the most fantastic grades. It can be stressful when you are still trying to a new setting and find the ropes. I firmly believe I will still have created halfway through the semester in December, maybe even the bonds I have more! Being more comfortable with my surroundings on campus is also a huge factor that I believe will be different than where I stand now. If someone were to ask me what is one thing I could say to another student to help them, it would be, “Do what makes you happy.” Make the choices that put a smile on your face; make the choices that make you proud to be where you are and do what you are doing.

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