A beginning comes to an end

As the final week of my first semester at college approaches, I cannot help but think about all the ways that I have grown since coming to Geneseo. In a short amount of time, my daily habits and even my outlook on life has changed. I have learned that professors are here to support students and that it is okay to ask for help. In addition, I have been focusing more on grasping the actual content than worrying about grades. College has also helped me to understand things that I never thought about before. In my anthropology class, we are talking about how there is modern-day slavery and its cultural effects. Before coming to college, I never thought about these social and moral issues, but now I realize how important it is to care about things that are bigger than myself. Living on my own has made me more independent by teaching me skills like cooking and cleaning along with a full schedule of classes. Finding the right balance between taking care of myself and keeping up with my schoolwork has been difficult, but college has taught me to manage my time well. The academic part of college was a struggle at first because it was hard to meet new people and start a new educational path with more challenging coursework. However, now that I know what is expected of me and how to effectively manage my time, everything is going better than I could have imagined in August.

A new beginning

After two years away, I am happy to be back in “normal” school. Learning in a classroom environment with other students is more helpful for my education and being at SUNY Geneseo has been an amazing experience so far. In the beginning, it was hard to leave my friends and family, but there have been many things at school to help me to adapt to college. Orientation, the carnival, and other events for new students to meet new people have been fun. Classes have been different from what they have been for the past two years, and it has been challenging to get back into the routine of in-person learning, but everyone has been accommodating and helpful. The professors have office hours where you can discuss issues and they also provide supportive feedback to classwork. There are also tutoring sessions and learning centers to help students with their classes.

Adjusting to college has been rough, especially since dorm living has proven to be very distracting. In my INTD, we read Mary Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Woman. In her book, Wollstonecraft talks about how living with multiple people can make it difficult to get work done, but I have figured out multiple places on campus where I could go to focus on my studies. There are many distractions, like clubs and friends, so finding the balance between class assignments and a social life hasn’t been easy; however, it’s getting better as time goes on, even though I still need to work on my time management skills. College life with all of its highs and lows isn’t anything that I can’t handle, and I know if I am having a hard time, there is always someone at Genese to support me—my teachers, my club softball team, and my friends are all there for me.