Here’s to the next four years!

I started out the first month of college feeling miserable. At the end of my high school career and throughout the summer after my acceptance to Geneseo, I was considering not attending college due to a general lack of motivation. I was surrounded by friends older than me, all of whom were complaining about their current collegiate education and challenging experiences due to the pandemic that has affected everyone’s lives one way or another, which deterred me from the thought of attending college for four years. All I knew was that I did not want to live my parents’ static, suburban life and miss out on a truly meaningful life experience, so I changed my major and added a minor. Now I have nothing but hope for the future. I realized that going to college allowed me to find out what I truly loved to do while making strong ties with people in a similar situation. 

Nervousness is the most normal feeling to have shooting through your veins as your parents leave you in an unfamiliar environment. Now you have to figure everything out on your own. My first night, I piled the stuffed animals that smelled like memories of home as I tried to sleep, the late August heat making me as uncomfortable as a person can get. I quickly got used to the harder dorm bed as I softened up to my new “family” members in my suite. The classes felt familiar because of the classroom-like setup, and I was reassured by my  professors’ ability to engage their students in newly discovered subjects, like a beloved teacher would in my small high school. 

The campus activities that occur throughout the school year give us a welcome break from exams, labs, tutor sessions, and essays. We’re able to talk to strangers every day without feeling awkward because we share so much in common as college students. College is also a place where you’re encouraged to try new things. I decided to play rugby, which is a new sport to me, a month and a half into my college career, and even though it has been nerve-racking, I’m happy with my choice to step out of my comfort zone. The coach knows what he’s talking about and my teammates have been nothing but helpful and supportive. My experience so far at Geneseo is full of highs and lows, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.