“Up a creek without a paddle”

I have never related to that quote as much as I do now. Even though I am steadily getting into the rhythm of college, that doesn’t mean that the adjustment to college life was easy. Figuring out where classes are, finding new friends, and managing my time were some of the more challenging parts of the adjustment, but the overwhelming support from the campus community has really helped me. Originally, I didn’t know anyone else from my high school who was also attending Geneseo, and even though I was assured by past teachers that I would make friends when I got onto campus, I still had anxieties about it. To be honest, if orientation was not a thing, I would not have made as many friends as I did. There were so many opportunities to meet the different people in my group, and the number of games we played and the packed schedule made the experience so much better.

If I were to give any advice to a shy person starting a new job, club, or anything else, it’s to take the opportunities given to you and make the best out of them. Going through things alone may sound like an easier route, but in the end, being in the same boat with like-minded people is so much better.