A new beginning

My name is LuLu, I’m 18 and a first-year student at SUNY Geneseo. I am from Spencerport,  which is a small town in Rochester, New York. My major is adolescent education in history. Which means I want to become a history teacher. I have known that teaching was always the field id end up in. I wanted to go into teaching since I was at least six. There has always just been a pull to it . This summer,  I worked in a special education classroom for their Extended School Year and loved it.  it solidified the feelings I had on going into the education field.

Being in a new place is scary. being in a new place by yourself is scarier. However, the community I found at Geneseo was welcoming and warm. My RA was there to greet us and help with anything we needed. The instant connection I felt with my suitemates was a huge wave of relief. Even though we had chosen to room together, being in the same room with these girls solidified the feelings of alleviation I had about living here. It eased my nerves to immediately find a group of people I could feel welcome, supported, and altogether happy. In the first week, we had gone to Walmart three or four times, from buying a lifetime supply of vitamin water that only ends up lasting a week to buying our futon for our common room. So far one of my favorite memories from the past couple of weeks is when we all got together in the common room and played group Among Us at 12am on a Tuesday night. Or when I got my reading done for a class in the urgent care waiting room because Emma had an intestinal virus. It was not exactly how I anticipated spending one of my first nights in college, but it will be one of my core memories of my first semester, nevertheless. For it only being  our first year together, I am in awe of how many moments we already have to laugh about and reminisce.

As for my classes and workload, it’s a lot but so far manageable. In high school, I tried my best to stay ahead of my work and study hard. As a history major, there is a lot of reading and write ups . In my Europe in the Age of Revolution class we read a new book every week and fill out a reading guide then  write a four-page paper. There’s  a lot of work,  but I enjoy the class. In my History of Modern East Asia class, we read documents based on our lectures of the next class and write analytical reflections using at least two of the articles at least six times in the semester. I love the class discussions we do during our lectures and the open environment that it creates. My writing seminar theme is Theater Therapy for Veterans , so we talk about how PTSD affects veterans, and the benefits theater therapy has for them, as well as reading books that will help our writing techniques. Every Tuesday and Thursday, I look forward to this class as I know the conversation will be interesting and insightful. 

 Overall, I have had an enjoyable experience at college so far. I hope that I can continue to have a healthy school and social life balance while I navigate my first year. I think that balance between those two aspects of college is key, as it is  crucial to be social and spend time with loved ones as well as study and work hard in classes. I look forward to what the rest of this course will bring this semester.

Half way there

As we enter midterms, and my first semester is halfway through,  I’ve learned a lot about myself  in a sense of academics and personal growth. I’ve learned how to manage my time and give myself breaks to just enjoy my time at SUNY Geneseo. I’ve found that starting my work when assigned is the best way for me to stay on track and even get ahead. When I finish the work that is due for my classes for each week, I find that starting on the work I have due in the upcoming weeks is very helpful, especially if something unexpected pops up: it also relieves any stress I might have about the work. Last week,  for example, I had finished my work, and decided to start reading a book that was due on the 18th in my Europe in the Age of Revolution class, which ended up being a good idea to have because I later found out that my midterm essay would be due shortly after the book.  However, if I do fall behind, I always make sure to give myself a break especially over the weekend to decompress. If I try to sit down and just do work for an extended period of time, I often don’t retain the work which hurts me in the long term.

I’ve found how to manage my schedule with my mental health by seeing my therapist, taking the time I need for myself, or going for runs. W hen I have had slips in my mental health, I have an amazing support system both in my suite and outside. I still look forward to our (my suite and I) Walmart trips, this time whether it be getting cookie dough so we can make cookies for our floor but end up eating the raw dough ourselves. The memories I make here to me are incredible, for example having my jumbo box of goldfish stolen then going stale, and still eating the stale goldfish. My favorite was when Shannon and I raced through the Walmart parking lot to put our shopping cart and a stranded shopping cart back in the little shopping cart pen. The memories I’ve made so far will definitely stick with me for a lifetime. For example, when I was shoving Sophia’s honey nut cheerios in my mouth by the handful while sitting on my dorm floor at 1 am  and trying not to wake up my roommate. Or when we all go to Red Jacket dining hall even though it’s  across campus because they all know I feel more comfortable eating over there,  than the dining hall near our building.  One I could never forget is when Shannon and I started quoting the children’s book “Good Night Moon’ because it was three in the morning, and we were delirious after the fire alarm went off. I love my suitemates even if I have to try to help get the mystery stains on their pants because  they did splits on a frat house floor the night before. I love them because they love me,  I know it’s a safe place to be and I cannot help but be happy. I know it’s a safe place to be because you can almost never walk into the suite without seeing someone who doesn’t live here come to visit.

As the semester is coming to a close I’m very proud of myself, for how well I’ve handled everything so far and hope to keep it up for not only the rest of the semester but for next semester as well.