Mid-semester experiences

The first semester at Geneseo was, for lack of better words, interesting. Since this is my third semester, I can see the difference between them clearly. Coming out of high school during the beginning of COVID-19 when restrictions were heavy, going to college almost felt out of the ordinary. It was like I hadn’t done work in ages and forgot how to do it altogether. It was a true struggle for me to get back to going to class and doing homework. Not being in a class setting also posed a few problems. I felt a huge disconnect between myself and my classes. Waking up and getting ready for class just to sit in front of my laptop made it harder to get engaged in the lessons. With endless distractions surrounding me, staying focused during zoom classes were a challenge. In a months’ time I was able to get used to it somewhat, finally. Over the course of the first semester, my ethic improved, and I got comfortable with the circumstances that we had to endure. Finally, having an actual schedule made me more comfortable in the college setting. After accepting the reality we were in, adjusting to this new part of my life seemed to be easy. Even though the first-year experience was not what I wanted it to be, I can’t be mad since there are three more years to enjoy Geneseo.

Having a year under my belt, I felt confident coming into this year. I had thought that the groove from last year would carry over, and it would be easier. For the most part, this held to be true. The only thing was new distractions in college life that we couldn’t necessarily participate in last year. Once out of my system, my routine is a lot better. For one, having all my classes in person boosted my morale and work ethic. Going to class, fully participating in lessons, and seeing my professors face to face is now something I do not want to lose again. Compared to last year, learning isn’t as much of a challenge. I can easily get my questions answered and grasp what is being taught during lectures. I spend on average less time doing homework because I don’t need to find the missing pieces from them. On the other hand, living on the north side is now not such a privilege. Letchworth not being open and Mary Jemison Dining Hall having a significant revamp is a bummer. The food is still pretty good but doesn’t compare to what it was last year. Having the struggle of COVID semesters I am finding it easier to accept what we have and work with it.

This class is turning out to be better than I expected it to be. I feel as if my writing is improving slowly but surely, which is something I have been yearning to achieve. All the pieces in and out of class leave me wanting more. Once I start to read, time seems to stop, and I’m fully engaged in what is being said. Usually, this doesn’t happen, but the course is super well-made and never ceases to amaze me. By the end of this semester I hope to be a better writer and possibly use my knowledge to guide the veterans in my family through their PTSD.

First college experience

Being a sophomore at Geneseo, I had a different experience than the freshman now during my first year. Going from busy and loud Long Island to laidback and quiet Geneseo was a big challenge. Being from Long Island, going to the beach and the city are a staple in life. On a hot summer day, getting all your friends in the car and driving less than ten minutes to go to the beach is a blessing. Spending the entire day in the sun and ocean to put everything back in the car and grabbing our longboards to skate on the boardwalks is one of the best benefits of the island. It is great to feel the cool wind on your board after being hot all day. Wintertime comes around, and it is city time. Even though the big apple is super loud and stressful, going and experiencing the world is incredibly fun to do. Now on the other hand, at Geneseo the seasons aren’t as prominent as the island. I’m used to warmer weather and that is a huge rarity here. By the time September comes around the warm clothes come out, while at home summer attire is still a viable option.

Geneseo was a considerable culture change for me. With the closest city being forty or so minutes away, it’s very quiet here. People don’t drive at least ten miles per hour over the speed limit, farms as far as the eye can see, and no real beaches near. I felt as if I didn’t belong here. I felt this way until I met my current group of friends here. Having this core group made me feel more accepted to the community since I wasn’t the only one going through this. This group, as well as the track team, made me feel at home. Without the track team I am not sure what I would be doing here. Having a sport, club, or social group at college is almost a necessity to get the full experience. Lucky enough, I can continue the sport that means so much to me.

The first few weeks of classes were stressful. Trying to navigate the campus that I was unfamiliar with was a lot. I would be doing circles in buildings trying to figure out where classrooms were, and then rushing back to the dorm for online classes. It took a long while to get used to managing my time. Managing my time with homework and workouts, figuring out a schedule to do my laundry, and learning the best dining halls were only some of my problems. Finally, after some time, I was used to the Geneseo life. Freshman year first weeks, looking back, weren’t even all that bad. As for this year and classes, I enjoy it. Creating the schedule I have now felt great. I understood the courses I enrolled in and loved them all. As for this class, it is living up to my expectations. Even though it feels as if it is moving at a slower pace, I can tell that it will be a blast. While looking through which 105 courses I wanted to take, this one grabbed me. Many of my family members are veterans, so learning more about PTSD and how to treat it hits close to home. I am excited to learn about this and possibly introduce it to these family members. I don’t know how theatre helps with therapy, but I’m sure it works. Standard therapy alone can only do so much for a person and their struggles. To see how this can benefit the well-being of veterans is amazing. It could also possibly be used to help people who haven’t served. I cannot wait to see what this class has in store for me this semester.