The passing of time

In late August, as I said goodbye to my coworkers at the local ice cream shop in my hometown, I expressed to them that I wanted my first semester at college to go by fast. Fearing the unknown and what lay ahead, I simply wanted to jump to winter break, so I could be back home, hanging out with all of my favorite familiar faces. One of my supervisors, Dylan, told me not to wish away the first semester, and that before I knew it, it would be over. Now, looking back at the past 12 weeks, I realize that he was right. 

Although it’s a cliche, time really does fly when you’re having fun. Sure, being a college student is no easy task. There have been times when I’ve been swamped with exams, deadlines, and readings—feeling utterly overwhelmed. I’ve had to learn the importance of time management, as well as choosing to isolate myself in order to be productive. Specifically, I love studying in the Union in the area right outside of Starbucks. This spot reminds me of the coffee shops in my hometown, and I really enjoy the cozy and welcoming atmosphere there. However, despite the stresses, I’ve had the most amazing experience at Geneseo thus far. I made friends that I know will last a lifetime, and I am fortunate enough to spend time with them each and every day. Since we all live on the same floor, any time spent outside of class is spent together—eating meals, hanging out, going to campus events, etc. My professors are kind hearted and understanding, making my adjustment to a college workload so much easier. I’ve grown as a person this fall, as I’ve become increasingly more independent and mature. I cannot wait to see what the future holds as I continue my collegiate journey. I am already looking forward to my second semester as I begin my blocks as an education major, but now I hope time slows down!

Finding home

August 25, 2021. My final day in my hometown, West Babylon, New York, and I was about to leave my friends, family, and everything I knew behind for the first time. I packed up my mom’s Ford Explorer and set out for the seven-hour drive from Long Island to Geneseo. Seven hours is a long time; I spent most of the drive contemplating if I had made the right college decision. I have been fortunate enough to have a tight-knit, strong group of friends for as long as I can remember. Coming to Geneseo, I feared losing these relationships and being unable to make connections with a whole new group of people.

On one of my first days on campus, I was talking to my new friend Grace about how I was a bit homesick. I met Grace, a 5’2 blonde with the most outgoing personality, at the paint night hosted by Geneseo Knight Life after move-in day. A few days later, she told me something that really changed my perspective on change. She said, “Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling. The meaning of home changes wherever you go.” I’ve thought a lot about this concept since she said this that first week in September, and since then Grace has become one of my best friends. Change can be one of the hardest things you go through, especially at this age, but I feel like leaving your hometown allows you to grow as a person. As I am writing this, I am sitting around some of the most genuine and kindhearted people I have ever met. I am lucky enough to have such a great relationship with the people on my floor, Grace being one of them. Somehow, in just one short month, we’ve grown to learn everything about each other. Coming from all different parts of New York, it’s so cool that this small campus is what brought us all together. I often sit back and see us all laughing and smiling together, creating memories that I know will last a lifetime. I may not be living on Long Island anymore, but I think I’ve found a true sense of home at Geneseo.