Just Getting started

Don’t procrastinate- the number one lesson displayed through the first half of my semester. Continuing to adjust to new norms of my everyday lifestyle, it’s vital to stay on top of all your work. Free time is hard to come by, but one thing that I’ve learned in my time here so far has been priorities. I recommend completing your schoolwork before going out on weekends; I learned the hard way. Even though it took me some time to understand what comes before a built-in schedule was stitched into my head: class, eat, get work done, eat, more work, sleep, repeat. Overall, the beginning of the first semester has been stressful due to deadlines, routine, and balance. Balance has been the key to enjoying activities outside of school and getting work done. Besides school work, I’ve continued to play club baseball and intramural flag football to keep myself active. Staying active is a crucial part of college life because you can find yourself not participating in any physical activity throughout the day. When you do get lazy, let the “freshman fifteen” motivate you to start moving.

I was shaken when I opened the canvas and saw “Reflection halfway through your first semester at Geneseo” I was shaken. Have we already been here half of the semester? The beginning half of the first semester has flown by. The only issue regarding the approach of the halfway point is midterms. So far, courses haven’t been too much for me to handle. Studying for midterms leads to waves of stress and anxiety. Around this point of the semester, work continues to pile up, allowing each course to take its toll on time. Time management is crucial for completing assignments and studying because time is challenging to come by. My two introductory classes are taking up the majority of my workload: financial accounting and microeconomics. Having assignments due once every week and a quiz (in class)every other week have been at the top of my list. While some courses are boring, and I can barely sit through the lecture, I enjoy coming to this class.

The part I benefit from most is the group discussions. Working in a group setting has always been my strong point because it involves two basic skills: listening and responding. It sounds easy, right? But, most people struggle with taking in the information the other individual is saying. Focus is required to actively listen and respond accordingly. In The Theater of War by Brian Doerries, Prometheus gets put into solitary confinement due to stealing fire and giving it to humans. In prison, Prometheus feels like there’s no way out because the individual is chained up with no escape. In other words, people can have negative responses when they cannot do something based on their circumstances. I could relate to this because in my junior year of high school, I tore my labrum playing baseball and ended up needing surgery that brought my season to a close. Knowing there was nothing I could do about it drove my spirit down. This time was a challenge, but it takes time to consume hardships. The main lesson I received from my injury was to always have a positive mindset.

Where do you expect to be by the end of the semester? Besides the basic answer: I would like to accomplish the “A” to “B” range grades in all my classes. That’s a question that I have no clue how to answer. Some people might have set schedules or goals they want to achieve in the short term.I’m going with the flow and seeing where that takes me. Even though it’s important to have goals, you never know where you will end up. Goals are key to pushing through obstacles that interfere in your everyday life; therefore, there’s something that makes you want to keep fighting.

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