Halfway mark At Geneseo


      Halfway Mark At Geneseo

My experiences here at Geneseo have been going quite well and going pretty much as I expected. I am thrilled  I chose to go to school here. It is crazy to think that my first college semester is already half over, but as expected, time flies. When I first got here, I didn’t know many people, but as time passed, I started to make friends and meet new people. 

In my classes, (most of my classes) are very doable, although two of them are getting intense. These classes include my accounting and my microeconomics because the content is challenging, and I have to start to study harder for the exams, which I am not used to doing. Although, the workload is pretty fair. Especially with all of the free time I have here. I have time to get all of my work done on Thursday then I don’t have any work to do over the weekend, which is nice. But there is lots of room for improvement. This is because I could always put more effort into my classwork. Also, Increasing my study time will always be positive.

 My Theater Therapy for Veterans class is going pretty well so far. I am enjoying the content too. I would have to say this class is justly easy as long as you put in the effort. The workload in this class is small as long as you read and record your thoughts in our journals. It is only the halfway mark, but I am confident  I will be successful in this course. I really enjoy the content in this class because I find it is different from all the other classes I have had. I say this because learning all about veterans from a veteran is extraordinary. It makes it easier to learn about a topic from someone who lived it. Also, many of the readings that we go through are interesting. It is cool to learn about all of this, although I can’t say I can connect or relate to it. It is also interesting that every veteran has a unique story because everyone’s experience differs. Then after war, everyone’s experiences make them feel different ways. Some veterans might have worse PTSD than others.

Lastly, by the end of the semester, I hope to be in a similar spot that I am in now, which is showing up to all of the classes and keeping my grade high and all of my work on time. However, I want to change some of my habits. These habits include my study habits. I want to study more, which would make my test scores higher and my class works higher quality. I would also like to go out of my comfort zone and seek help when I need it. If I take these steps and change these habits, I will be in a great spot by the end of the semester. A similar spot that I am in now. 

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