Geneseo, Geneseo: We’re Halfway There?

I found myself checking the dates when reading the format of what this blog should be. I then looked at the date, realizing it was halfway through October. Truly where has the time gone so quickly? I swore yesterday I was unpacking my dad’s car in the blaring heat and joking about everything I brought and how it was definitely over the top. Seeing my dad begin to cry as we finished our dinner at Mama Mia’s, (which was well deserved) after ten trips up and down the dorm steps (don’t worry, my waterworks started quickly thereafter). It’s been hard for me to grasp how quickly this place has become my home, especially since I miss my life back home (especially my bed dearly). I guess I never thought that the end of the first semester would come so quickly, but around the time someone will be reading this on word press, it should be around seven to eight weeks! I hope this isn’t coming off as me wishing my time away. I’ve made some of the most amazing friends I believe will be in my life for a long time. I’m so grateful to my parents, who have made this college dream a reality for me.

So far, the classes I have been in are super informative and a joy to partake in. I feel as if many of the education styles during K through twelve had me thinking the college wouldn’t be any better. In all actuality, though, I feel as if I’m finally getting so much enrichment out of learning. I’m taking classes I want to engage in because it’s now so simple to pay attention to topics I enjoy. Furthermore, in college, I’m starting to realize the importance and power knowledge has and how it necessarily doesn’t always have a good grade attached. Though I’m doing very well right now, there have been times when I’m not focused on the letter or number but more looking forward to reading a professor’s response. I appreciate growing my education as a whole while connecting with people who are also passionate about the topics they teach.

Theatre Therapy for Veterans has become one of my favorite classes. I have finished one of the main books, The Theatre of War by Bryan Doerries, and it is something I have suggested to anyone who will listen to me ramble. After reading this book, it’s fascinating to me the new appreciation I grew for the brave service members and veterans of our country. The bit of knowledge I have on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the book has helped me take a different look at not only what these courageous people physically put on the line so selflessly but what mental struggles they have to live with on the day-to-day. Alongside the sacrifices their families make as they protect us. The book had me teary-eyed in some sections. It was so well written. Doerries did an incredible job portraying other people’s stories he learned during his tour. It did its part in helping people learn the other side of P.T.S.D. and how frankly debilitating it can be for someone not seeking help. It wretches your heart seeing men and women help others so heroically but show some struggle to help themselves. To understand just how powerful this book is, you need to read it. For anyone who either seeks better knowledge on Theatre and how it relates to Veterans coping with P.T.S.D or just looking for an interesting read you can’t put down, I suggest this one a hundred times over.

As we are heading toward the end of the semester, it is coming a lot quicker than I ever expected. I hope to understand my limitations better. When school started, I was always trying to stay busy, doing homework for some classes due the following month, and it started to make me sour towards homework. I made it ten thousand times more complicated than it had to be. By the end of the semester, I think I’ll (hopefully) learn better time management and how to better pace my time. It doesn’t make me a bad person to take care of myself, and I’m starting to come to terms with that. Going from a highly active life where I was constantly getting something done to hunkering down to do my best at college is an adjustment. Though it’s a change, I like the new skills I’m learning and enjoying this path of getting to know myself better.

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