The closing

Since midterms, the semester has gone smoothly for the most part. School as a whole is still super enjoyable. Every day I get to meet new people and learn new stuff it’s pretty cool. I was also able to make it to a few Hockey games, which were very fun to watch. It’s a nice feeling to realize that I’m starting to feel more comfortable and creating a real connection with this place. Classes have also been going well. I’ve improved in every class, just as I was hoping to when I wrote my last blog. I just managed to register for my classes next semester successfully-This time without any problems like I had with the other two times. So overall, I guess that means things have progressed swimmingly so far. Hopefully, I will be able to keep that up and finish my semester strong.

By the end of the semester, I hope to massively raise my GPA and the grades I have now, even if by a little bit. as the year winds down, I have a history of dropping in my school performance, so I really don’t want that to happen this semester since I’ve been doing so well. One thing I also hope happens by the end of the semester is that I get appointed to a position in my fraternity. I want to start participating in many academic activities next semester, and I think that would help out immensely. As for finals, I think they will be pretty rough, especially for my data analytics class. I plan on decompressing over Thanksgiving break and coming back ready to work and study hard. Hopefully, I will make it through well enough and get to enjoy my Christmas Break with my family. I wish everybody in the class good luck with their school careers and hope they have wonderful holidays.

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