The last days of my first semester

Since midterms, classes have been tougher and more tedious. During, midterms, I didn’t have a ton of exams. However, it was still stressful with the exams that I did have. I could have gotten better grades, but I struggle with studying and taking notes. In high school I went to an alternative school that did not require tests or homework. That being said I feel behind in that aspect . However, I am getting used to college life. As for school, it has gotten a lot colder being here. It has gone into daylight savings time, so when I leave my night class, it is dark outside. Winter is also creeping around the corner, making walking to classes that much colder. Even having the window open gets too cold but having it closed makes the room smell off. Midterms being over, I feel like it’s time to buckle down, study for finals and get everything in order.  

By the end of the semester I hope that I pass all my final exams and I pass all my classes. I have set my bar low, so it can only go up from here! I am not doing my best in some of my classes, but I am still trying my best. I hope that if I study hard enough and get a good grade on my finals, it will surpass all my other bad grades. I hope that by the end of the semester, I will enjoy school a little bit more. I also want to stop eating out as much and start using the dining hall more often. The classes that I want to focus on the most would be psychology and microeconomics. I struggle with psychology because I am not good at taking notes, and the tests are not easy. My psychology professor also only has 4 exams which makes it tough because if you do bad on two then you have a bad grade for the class. I wish that he had more assignments for that class so that I could get my grade up. As for microeconomics, there are a lot of assignments which is the only thing that is saving me. My grade in that class is terrible because I am awful at taking tests and exams, but I get hundreds on homework and papers. However, exams account for most of the final grade.  

In all since midterms there have been many more assignments with tedious tasks, but I don’t mind them too much because if you do them, then it’s an easy grade I want to pass my exams and hopefully get good passing grades in my classes. I want to learn how to study better and the proper techniques to take tests and exams. I want to pass my microeconomics final exam with at least a seventy or higher. In psychology, I want to be able to take the last exam and get an eighty or higher. All and all, I want to get my work completed before it is due and completed with solid scores. Lastly, I want my final GPA to be at least 2.5 or higher. I don’t think my GPA defines all that I know or even how smart I am, but GPAs are part of college life, and I hope to make it go up from here.  

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