The end of the blogs

College has been one adventure after the next, constantly experiencing new activities, challenges, and people. Midterms were a bit tasking, especially for a freshman. I had no clue what to expect or how they were going to be. I think the most difficult part for me was the fact that we had most of our midterms right after returning from October Break. We immediately jumped into midterms right after having a few days to relax and enjoy time to ourselves. It took me by surprise that most of our professors would do that.

However, since midterms, I’ve been getting better at managing my classes. Even though I have been sick most of the time, I’m still trying to keep my grades up the best I possibly can. Even though I tend to keep to myself, I have become comfortable in my learning environment and made friends with people in my classes. My new friends are helping me learn different studying techniques since my old ones were not benefitting me in the ways they used to. For instance, I used to just briefly look over my notes right before a test or quiz to have a general summary of what I had learned. Now I must reread my notes multiple times days before the test or quiz.

My new friends here are helping me greatly to adapt to life and learning here. While I tend to stay closed off to most I tried branching out, and the friends that I have made have helped me study. They offer to come over and quiz me. A girl in my ARTH 172 class has even made Quizlet reviews for us to practice with before our exams. I try to socialize with people in my classes so that way we can help each other. Still, I never know how to start a conversation other than complimenting something about said person, and even then, it may not branch into anything more. I recommend that anyone who is usually an introvert, try socializing because it will significantly help you in the long run. Not only will you have made new friends, but you also will have someone to give you notes in case you miss a class or two.

I hope that finals will go as smooth, if not easier, than midterms. I am incredibly nervous because I still struggle in some of my classes. The teaching techniques that some professor use are still difficult for me to comprehend since I am so used to the techniques used in high school. I also hope that I can keep my GPA up, if not make it higher. I want to work harder to get better grades, especially in science, since that is the class in which I struggle the most.

College has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride, and I have enjoyed every second of it. With this semester coming to an end, I can only hope that next semester and the next three years are just as enjoyable as this semester has been.

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