Finishing off the year

My progression in classes has gone well since midterms. I have continued to keep up with my projects and homework. I’ve also adopted the planning strategy of having a calendar on my wall. It helps me organize all the things that I need to get done, and it creates more free time when I need it. As well as to see when all my assignments are and plan to make sure that I get them all in on time. One thing that I can still work on is attending my classes that don’t take attendance and participating more in those classes.

My progression in terms of school has gone well too. In my last blog, I talked about wanting to maintain my current grades and expanding and enhancing my friend group. I can say that both of those goals have become a success. I started a new job working for CAS, allowing me to meet new people and become friends with a few. I was also able to maintain my grades by budgeting my time and giving myself the proper environment to succeed. I go to the ISC if I am trying to study and the union if I am working on homework. It allows me to get rid of all the distractions in my room except for my phone. So far, this semester has gone great, and I can only hope for more.

Looking onto the final stretch of the semester, I hope to achieve a 90% attendance rate in all my classes. That was my goal at the start of the semester, and I have strayed from it. I want to get back on track with that goal and show up to class. Hopefully, this will result in me getting even better grades and a lot less studying on my own because I will be learning in class. I also want to get closer to my professors. I know it is a little bit late to want to create these relationships, but I feel it will benefit me in the long run. To do this, I think that I will need to participate in class more. If I do this, I feel like it will help a lot come finals time.

In terms of school in general, I would like to continue to meet new people. Missing a semester as a freshman, I am behind in the social aspect of college. I have one more semester before I move off-campus for good, and my social exposure will decrease significantly. I want to meet as many people as I can before that time comes. I would also like to join Greek life. I know that this semester, it’s already too late, but I am ready to try it out in the spring. I am extremely proud of what I have done this semester and am looking forward to what comes next.


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