Final semester reflection and goals

How do we know when the pandemic will end? Will this be our new normal, as it affects everyone, yet we are getting more and more adapted to it than we were in the past. My new life in college has been a similar journey, although not as significant, dealing with problems and stress that stems from it is still impactful. The school year is almost over as I am entering the second semester and there were many challenges I faced including some personal issues financially but mostly academically. Additionally, having to live and adjust to a new environment with new faces can be stressful as though you are all alone. However, I felt that I started doing better over time by making plans and getting support from associates, wonderful staff, and professors from Geneseo.

The first and most important challenge that I faced was time management. In high school, I had support from teachers who would regularly spoon-feed me information and push me to be less lazy to do the required work. There was a lot of studying and homework that require a serious amount of time to complete in college. In the first few weeks, this was the issue as I started having more free time, and nobody would really say anything if I missed work, and I was treated more like a responsible adult. As a result, I did not do well in classes and I struggled with keeping track of time, completing assignments online. I bought a note-taking application for a few bucks on my electronic devices and a bulletin board with sticky notes to keep track of assignments. I would say I spent money in a good way like this.

One class that I struggled with time management was INTD 105 with Professor Arena. As mentioned, I had so much freedom and time, but my time management was not planned out properly in the first semester. I struggled especially with reading in this class, it was almost new to me. I passed high school with good grades, and there was almost no reading assignment that I needed to read in my own free time. The class is not difficult, but the reading and other assignments can be a little time-consuming if you do not have a solid strategy and time management. As a result, I lagged in reading and assignments, but Professor Arena engaged the whole class in reading and discussions, which improved my focus and retention in the classroom. This is probably my favorite part of the class because I am naturally introverted, and I could go on days without any social interaction. I subconsciously knew I still wanted this for my personal development, because it is outside my comfort zone. The classroom discussions allowed everyone to talk and share their thoughts, even if it was a simple chat or a full briefing. Also, I am sure others needed this as much as I did.

The second serious problem I had was with mental and physical health. Mental and physical health are interconnected, negative physical health can result in adverse mental health and vice versa. I had self-doubts over choosing to attend a college and sometimes felt it was worthless, and that I made a mistake, and this caused me to lose motivation to take care of my physical being. To combat this, I started sleeping more and playing games to distract myself from intrusive thoughts. I also started showing up to RIT for AFROTC physical training on time, and with the support from other cadets, I started to get in a regular routine out even though I had little to no motivation. But I kept showing up on time to classes like Heritage and Values and physical training to get in touch with other cadets to keep myself in control from losing motivation. As time went on, I slowly regained and recalibrated my mind that college is not a waste of time, but rather an opportunity cost.

Although I am still struggling a little with these problems, I try to have a positive attitude and do good. I see some good results from these issues, and they are not as good as I want them to be, I am still happy with how far I have come. My main goal for the finals is to allocate a reasonable amount of time to study and balance social and academic life. I want to get at least an eighty or above on all my final exams, which is the primary factor in deciding my overall GPA/performance.

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