Almost there!

Coming toward the end of the semester, I have come a long way. I am so used to being independent from my parents that I don’t even think about it. It is just natural at this point. I can take care of myself, and I rarely have to ask my parents for anything. I also learned a lot about college after I did not do that well on my midterms. I learned that a lot of my time needs to be spent studying. When I got a big second wave of tests and exams after midterms, that is just what I did. I studied as soon as the tests and quizzes were assigned, and the work paid off. I got much better grades, but there is still room for improvement. I just need to adopt different forms of studying, even if it does not seem cool. I felt a lot of stress when midterms were going on, but now, I am very comfortable studying a lot for multiple tests and quizzes at once. I hope to completely master studying by the time finals come around to get great grades on them.

As time has gone along, I have gotten more comfortable here. It took me a while to get comfortable in high school, until sophomore or even junior year, so I am glad to be already comfortable here. At the beginning of the semester, I wanted to join a bunch of clubs at the club expo, but these past few months, I have not had any time for those things. Now, I am reaching out to clubs to join them and show up to events and meetings. I was really involved at my high school, and I don’t see why I can’t continue that involvement. I have been here long enough that I can manage my time well and understand my complex schedule. I hope to get involved in multiple clubs by the end of the semester while balancing my academics with my athletics and extracurriculars.

I was so glad that we did not have midterms in this class. I was so stressed that week and was disappointed in myself when I got my grades back. This class has definitely helped me with my mental health. I have become a much better writer since I submitted my first journal and blog. My WLC tutor and teammate, Riley Grossman, and my professor, Jaime Arena, have helped me correct common mistakes and have taught me how to be a more engaging and professional writer while still letting my voice be heard.

I have enjoyed both plays that we have read this semester. American Tet was intriguing. I loved how it focused on a military family and how they are affected by the military members in their family. I also liked the connections they had. It was a pretty depressing story. It started pretty depressing already, but then it just kept going downhill. I am glad discussed this play because I got more out of it than if I just read it on my own. Jaime and my classmates had a lot of input. 9 Circles was even more interesting. It was shocking right from the start, and I loved it. This one was not just depressing; it was crazy. It just shows what war can do to somebody or millions of military members. I loved playing a role in each of the two plays. It is too bad we couldn’t do 9 Circles in class as much, but I think it was better that we read this one on our own. By the end of the semester, I hope to put together a great skit with my group. I honestly think we will do a great job. We already have amazing chemistry.

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