Woah, we’re halfway there!

Halfway through my first semester here at Geneseo, I am loving it! I have a bunch of exams, so there has been a lot of studying lately, but it is fine. I have been able to balance out my work very well with track and everything else so far. It definitely helps that there is a study hours requirement for first-year students on the track team. I have been very productive in that time. It took me a week or two for things to settle in. I struggled with my work because I switched majors a week in and had to catch up with a bunch, but it has all clicked since then. I remember not liking going off to college because it was different from anything I had experienced. But now, I love it for that reason. I am glad that it is a brand new experience for me. I have made many friends since I got here, which was not what I was expecting. It helps that I am in a suite with five other guys and am on the track team. I am also part of the Newman Group (campus ministry) here at Geneseo. It is great to see that other students share the same passion for their Catholic faith and spirituality. I have also been making friends in some of my classes, which I was not expecting. It helps that some professors make us split into small groups. That way, I can have interactions with my classmates and get to know them. I loved my four-day fall break; I got to go home, spend time with my family, and talk with hometown friends about their college experiences. It was a nice break that was much needed to relieve my stress from the mid-term exams. My favorite part about the break was kayaking in a stream that flows into Lake Erie, breathing in the fall air, and spending time with my dog.

I really love this class! I see this class take form into what its mission is meant to be. I read the book_ The Theatre of War_, and I love it! The amazing part is that it is a true story. The author tells us how his performances of Greek tragedies from 2500 years ago are touching the lives of veterans, soldiers, and their families. I just love anytime I pick up this book. I feel like time passes by so fast when I am reading this engaging story. This Story is even more interesting because the author uses Greek tragedies to heal the lives of prison workers, people who have lost a loved one, and natural disaster survivors. I also love this class because it is one of the classes that involve grouping up and working on a prompt or something else. I love talking with the two classmates in my group, because we are focused on working on the task at hand, and we continue talking after we are done. We have a bunch of the same interests, and it is just effortless to talk with them. We also listen to each other’s journals and try to help each other by giving critiques. It makes this class just that more enjoyable.

We recently got started on our next book, Acts of War, and I am very excited. Another thing I love about this class is the Writing Learning Center requirement. I met with my teammate to help me with my blog because he is a part of the WLC staff. That made us have an even stronger and closer bond. We got to understand each other more. By the end of the semester in this class specifically, I expect to become a greater writer. By the end of the semester, in general, I expect to become better at studying for tests and exams here and find my groove here that I found in high school. I expect to find out my place and identity here as I select courses for the spring semester. I also expect to become a greater runner, and compete in my first races, and hopefully have many solid performances.

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