This semester has been a whirlwind so far. It feels like yesterday we were running around doing orientation activities it feels as if a switch flipped and now, we’re studying for midterms. Overall, this semester is going well. I haven’t gotten burnt out from my never-ending 8:30 classes, which is good. But I could use some more time management skills now that my workload is piling up. Most of my grades are where they need to be, and it’s refreshing to see professors extend themselves to help with whatever you may need to succeed. I’ve found comfort in office hours and review sessions where you’re free to ask any questions, and there’s help available that’s tailored to you. Regarding college, personally, I’d like to think I’m adjusting well. I am the kind of person who relies on structure, so between classes, clubs, and friends, I love the rush of a packed schedule. On the weekends, I take my much-needed break and prepare for the week to come.

By the end of the semester, I do have goals I would like to achieve. I want to develop better self-discipline and time management skills, not just for schoolwork but for life in general. I want to do my assignments during the daytime instead of being a “night owl” so I can go to bed at a reasonable hour. More specifically, I want to take better notes in my biology class because they’re innate in studying for exams. I want to complete more practice sets outside of math class to learn how to apply what I’m learning. Most of all, I want to stop procrastinating because although I’m the first to say, “I work better under pressure,” it would take a giant mental load off not to have to race the clock to have something turned in before 11:59.

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