The middle

As we approach the middle of the semester, I have to say it’s been going moderately fast. In regards to school, we seem to have been doing well on keeping the spread of Covid-19 to a minimum, which also means reduced restrictions! Since the beginning of this semester nothing seems to have changed in a bad way. Personally, I have found that I can connect with so many more students on campus with whom I have formed a bond. It has allowed me to be more social, get out of my room, distract myself from work, and instead surround myself with friends and fun. Classes have also been going well for me; I don’t feel as overwhelmed as I did last semester mostly because in-person learning is more accessible for me. As for all of us (I would assume), the hardest part is getting up in the mornings, especially as the weather gets colder and the further we get into the semester, but we are halfway there, which keeps me going.

By the end of this semester, I hope that our school-wide covid cases will remain low so that we can go back to being somewhat normal. I’m looking forward to sitting on the bleachers and watching football games or any school-wide events that we never got to experience because of Covid-19. In terms of classes, I can speak for us all when I say that I hope to complete this semester with all passing grades and exceptional cumulative G.P.A. So far, I have been doing a remarkable job at managing my time to ensure that I complete my work in a timely manner while also making room for leisure activity and self-care, which is very important as a college student. Most importantly, by the end of the semester, I can’t wait to destress, relax, and prepare for the Spring.

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