The end of the beginning

With the first semester of my first year of college coming to an end, I have had a plethora of experiences that are most certainly memorable. I have met countless new freshmen like I am and students who are older. I’ve explored the campus and stores surrounding our campus and put in the work to try and excel in my classes. Along with that, I have grown to be more comfortable, not only here at college in general but more comfortable in my own body. I am finally able to be my own person and be who I want to be. I have learned a lot about myself and the campus here. One of those new learned things would be that I strongly dislike going alone to the dining halls. I try to either go with someone or I quickly run in to grab food and then I proceed to leave to eat in my dorm room. In addition to that, since the smoothie bar is now on the unlimited plan, I like experimenting with the different flavors. My favorite so far is 2% milk base with strawberries and mangos. I plan to continue to do this as long as it remains on the unlimited plan, and hopefully, it will.

Furthermore, I am more confident about my classes. They have become easier to do and complete work in, guaranteed there are still those few that I continue to struggle. I keep up with my assignments for the most part and turn everything in on time, even if that entails cramming all the work for them in the night before. Now I know that isn’t the best strategy to complete work; However, I get it done. There will always be courses that are going to be more strenuous than others, and there always will be some that are preferred more than others. Yet, I still manage to push through and get done what needs to be done. I want to try and do better in certain classes. In addition to that, I’d like to figure out new techniques for helping me to study better and to complete assignments since I tend to procrastinate. How I do them now is no longer benefiting me as they did in high school. I want to push harder to get improved grades on my exams since I am certainly having difficulties with some of them. I need to realize when to ask for help and what techniques to use to strive in my studies. Along with that, I have learned approximately when to leave my dorm in order to make it to my lectures on time which is about fifteen minutes before they start. In the future, I need to work on my stamina since this university literally takes my breath away. Golf carts on campus are highly requested from us students.

I’d like to work on my own personal schedule next semester. I need to learn how to wake up without using five different alarms to do so. I also need to learn how to prioritize my assignments and write them down in order of due dates so I can physically see what needs to be completed and when it needs to be completed. I feel like it would be easier for me since the information would be right in front of me rather than having to go on my computer, which hardly works, and search for what is due this week. I prefer having things right in front of me on physical paper rather than online, which includes assignments.

Next semester I would additionally like to meet and hang out with more people. I tend to only stick to the few people I have already met and do not like to hang out with new people. I strongly feel that if I did hang out with people more, I would become more involved in activities that go on through the school, such as clubs and sports. I am hoping that next semester I can improve myself and my techniques to strive here in this new community that I call home.

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