The “College Years”

Now that I’m halfway through my sophomore year at Geneseo I’ve really been starting to sit back and look at how fast my life has been moving. I mean, even thinking about how I’m about to turn 20 years old next year makes me want to cringe. But even though time has been flying, there is an exciting aspect to beginning the rest of your life. when thinking like this, I especially take a look at how much I’ve changed even just from High School. Now that might be partly due to me being quite immature all throughout High School, but I’d like to think everyone goes through that same feeling in some form or fashion.

As for me, I feel as though I heard and anticipated a lot of the same things as everybody else. “You’re way more independent in college,” “You’re on your own in college, time to grow up,” “Nobody’s there to hold your hand, get ready.” I don’t think people understand that literally, everybody says the same exact thing to you every time you go up one grade, so I guess I just assumed it would be a piece of cake just like the rest of my school career. Boy, how I was wrong.

Taking on my first semester of college with the attitude I did, it’s no wonder why I struggled so much. I was, and still am, going through what a decent amount of people go through when entering their first college semester. I was someone who blew through High School quickly, I’m a pretty smart kid, and I was able to get excellent grades in high-level classes while barely even trying. I know people may hear this kind of thing a lot, and I’m especially not saying it to brag or anything because, at least for me, it was a huge issue.

My point is that since I was able to fly through school all my life, coming to college and slamming into a brick wall with how much more complex and time-consuming, it is than before really shook me to my core. I always grew up hearing the “college years” are a place just to have fun and be yourself, so you can imagine how I felt like I was just stupid and lazy because I couldn’t “do college” like everyone else. So, I stayed isolated and sat there feeling bad for myself, that is, until the following semester.

After heading home pretty disgraced and ready to transfer, I had a long and probably the most meaningful talk with my parents. My parents are very much the “tough love” type. They are amazingly caring people who want nothing but the best for me, but at the same time, they’re the toughest, most hardworking people I have ever known. So, having a sit-down chat with them made me realize that I’ve just never really had to struggle with anything before, and I didn’t know how to handle it.

So, I decided I’d give Geneseo another go and reached out to a bunch of educational advisors to help me prepare for the next semester the right way. I even decided I wanted to try Greek life to stop my isolation from impacting my schoolwork even further. And all I can say to that is “wow.” I still have a long way to go, but the changes I’ve made from last year to now have just completely changed what I thought I could accomplish as a person. I have started reviving my grades from the dead, and even though it’s not where I want them, I’ve learned that even just a little bit of improvement is the first huge step in taking what you want in life. As for this class, I really do like it and have good expectations. I grew up excelling in math and science, so any kind of writing class has always been quite challenging for me. But with the skills and help, I’ve received and am still getting now, I’m confident that I’ll be able to get where I need to and be successful. So, I guess you could say, the first semester was exactly what I needed, a massive kick in the butt!

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