Progressing through the year

So far, this year has started a lot better than the last. Last year, my grades were teetering on the point of academic dismissal, and I was debating on whether college was for me. My family and friends told me to give it one more shot, so I did. Over the course of this semester, I have been on top of my schoolwork, and my grades are looking more and more like the student that I once was. I am having more fun on campus now that the stress of grades is no longer looming over my shoulder. It allows me to truly insert myself into college life.

When classes started, I genuinely didn’t know what to expect from being in-person and what the workload would be. The workload was slow initially, but eventually picked up as the semester went on as it should. The work continues to grow, so I learned how to budget my time so that I could get everything done and maintain my good grades. Classes have been getting more and more interesting as the semester has progressed. In the beginning, all classes were basic introductory knowledge to get you started in the subject. Now, classes have evolved into giving information that is new and exciting to me. At this point in the semester, projects are becoming more and more frequent. I love doing projects because it allows me to get hands-on with the information we learned in class. It also gives me a look into what real-world work I would be doing after receiving my degree.

I hope that the rest of the semester continues to grow the way it has so far. One thing that I wish for the rest of the semester is that I join a club. I hope to join the club lacrosse team after my surgery to play the sport that I love again. This will also give me a whole other social group that I can be a part of at Geneseo. I would also like to visit the library more often. I really haven’t taken full advantage of the library and its countless services, and if I do, it could enhance my education that much further. The only other thing that I can hope for is that my grades stay the same as they were for my mid-semester grades. I can accomplish this by sticking to my budgeted time and not procrastinating.

Classes have been excellent so far, but there are a couple of things that I can hope for. I hope that we get to do more interaction-based assignments rather than just doing some homework online. For example, something like a lab or project will allow me to have an activity, and then I reflect on what I accomplished. I also hope that in some of my larger classes, we incorporate more group discussions rather than the professor just giving a lecture. I feel as though that would keep me more engaged in the class. In terms of the workload, it is already pretty heavy, so I can only hope that it does not increase. If it does, I will have to make some changes to my schedule to allow more time for school. Overall, the year has started great, and one can only hope that it continues to improve and make my time here extraordinary.

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