How it started vs. how it’s going

Every single time I go home or talk to a family member, I get asked the same two questions. I mean it, every single time I see them.

  1. “How is college, Haley?!”
  2. “How do you like Geneseo, Haley?!”

Personally, I think we need to switch up the questionnaires and spice things up. Maybe that’s just my family and me, but I’m telling you, I’m not being dramatic about this one. It always takes me a moment to give them a response. I genuinely ask myself how much I’m actually enjoying Geneseo, the place that has become my new home. Part of me wants to exclaim about how much I love life here, yet another part of me is still trying to find my place here at Genny.

In terms of classes, that is something that I am still trying to find my way. Even though it’s Week 8, which, let me just say, WOW. I still can’t believe we’re already halfway through the semester. Anyways, I’ve always had a hard time speaking up in class and making my presence known. Since day one I have been that shy kid who can barely talk to her own family members. I may be doing well grades-wise but my goal for the end of this semester is to be a fully active participant in every single class. That may be an insanely large goal for me, but I believe I am fully capable of obtaining it.

That’s one of the reasons why I love it here at Geneseo and being able to have a fresh start in my freshman year. We are all still new here, the most unfamiliar with life on campus and in the classroom; so what better opportunity to emerge ourselves to the fullest in class and make each of us known. This transition from high school to college is something that is going to take time. The uncertainty of life here will eventually fade away and turn into comfortability. Before Geneseo, I had the same wake-up, the same schedule, the same practices, the same ending to the day. It was a constant cycle. Now, things are different, and every day has the capability to hold a new potential or discovery. As the semester continues, I hope to learn more, discover more, meet more people, and continue developing the person that I want to be here. On top of that, maybe by the end of the semester I’ll stop getting asked those same two questions. Who really likes small talk anyways?

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