First year of college progression

By knowing that I am almost approaching the 2nd semester of college is quite frightening and fast. The first semester has been an interesting learning experience with lots of ups and downs. Being put into a new environment with new faces you’ve never met before and knowing that you are alone can be stressful and challenging. I prepared myself mentally and constantly reminded myself of why I am here. However, I still faced challenges in classes and did not perform as well as I could have, regarding having good grades and maintaining a healthy mind and body. The most challenging part so far is time management and understanding the priorities. In the first few weeks, I thought Geneseo was a big place, but as time went on, I felt as if it shrunk in size because I was becoming more familiar with the place. As a result, most classes on the campus were small, and I noticed that I performed better in these rooms compared to large rooms.

Most classes like Theatre Therapy for Veterans, Microeconomics, First Year Seminar, and Heritage and Values (ROTC) were easier to understand, and I felt more comfortable asking for help. I believe it is because the students were closer to professors in a way that they have something in common or something they can both relate to, and the fact that being in a small classroom brings people together. On the other hand, I did not do well in lecture halls with over 80 students, including intro to Business and understanding music classes. These classes were not particularly harder than the classes I did well in, I just did not have the right mindset and motivation to learn from a large class where the professor would not even notice if I showed up. However, I am still maintaining all passing grades for these classes, and I am working on getting a better and more flexible schedule. I have been working on finding the right ways to study, keeping a flexible schedule, and doing a lot of physical training to keep myself healthy and do good in classes.

The most important goal I have right now is to keep all my grades above A, and I believe it is possible if I keep up the work and consistency throughout the semester. The first few weeks of college have been challenging and not as sweet and easy as I imagined before coming here. I have many problems from in and out of school to fix, and the only way I can do it is to keep myself healthy. Similar to the domino effect, I believe small changes can lead to a bigger impact. These small changes include waking up early, talking to professors in large classrooms, and having a positive outlook can surely help me do better the next semester.

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