Reflecting and looking forward

As the first month of my freshman year in college comes to a close and I reflect on the courses, tests, professors, and assigned work, it is hard to feel anything except a complicated mixture of relief and stress. The general newness of school has been washed away, and now a feeling of normalcy has begun to set in. My daily routine no longer resembles that of a robot fulfilling its duties and schedule but more so exhibits how I wish to spend my days as a young adult with newfound freedom.

For being a first-semester freshman, I am quite content with the schedule provided for me by my advisor. My weekly schedule is balanced where there are heavily loaded back-to-back class days, but there are also days free for me to get extra assignments done, rest time, and studying. I enjoy planning out my weeks, designating certain days for specific assignments, and having a clear idea of what needs to be done and when. Now that the school year has been set into motion for about six weeks now, I can confidently say that I am comfortable in my courses and work altogether. It does not mean that there are no moments where anxiety does not overwhelm me entirely in terms of grades and school, but luckily, I can say that my friends and family are the most exceptional support system in the world. Through open arms and kind words, they are there to lift me up and ensure that I am headed in the right direction. These moments make me extremely grateful to have these magnificent humans in my life.

As the semester continues to roll on my goal to further continue improving my abilities in balancing study skills, workload, and mental health care. I understand that there is always room for refinement, and balancing these issues is a concept that would benefit my future immensely. Maintaining six courses is no easy task, and I hope to look back on my first semester in college with pride for making it through. The personal pride that comes from completing a difficult task is an emotion that is quite difficult to explain. For as long as I can remember, change has been a big obstacle for me. I do not deal well with substantial changes or differences in my normal daily routine. As anyone can assume, starting college in a new place where I am unfamiliar with the people, town, courses, etc., is an immense feat to attempt to overcome. Luckily there is a multitude of resources available to me to help cope with this adjustment period. Geneseo is more than generous in terms of providing sources of aid to students in various situations. There are student tutors, quiet study spaces, on-campus counseling options, RA’s who are more than willing to lend a helpful hand, and professors who give up their time and patience to commit fully to their students. Before the semester is over, my hopes are to push myself out of my comfort zone and take advantage of these resources that I might not have typically used.

It genuinely amazes me that the school year has been moving along for over a little more than a month now. In some twisted way, it feels as though the weeks are completely endless, but each individual day has blurred together once they pass. In my opinion, it is beneficial to have small events to look forward to throughout the semester. This way, you can have something to look forward to that will help you get through the slump of multiple classes, assignments, and tests. Even though the time here at college can feel long and overwhelming, having good coping skills and little motivators are key to getting past the stagnation of classes.

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