A twin’s perspective on college

My college experience has been good so far. On the first day after moving in, I met Gianna, who has become one of my closest friends. We were both the first people in line to get food at Mary Jemison and didn’t know who to sit with, so we ended up sitting next to each other. It was funny because my roommate, Lila, came and sat with us, too, and thought Gianna was my twin because we look similar. Moments later, my actual twin, Ally, came over to the table after Lila learned that Gianna and I weren’t related! Like with any sibling, being an identical twin has its ups and downs, but we always knew we wanted to go to college together. Even though we’d be on the same campus, we needed to spread our wings and decided not to live together. We have both met amazing friends, like Gianna and Lila, which has made the adjustment to college life so much easier. But this adjustment has also been challenging because I have a hard time being social with people. It’s just how I am, and it’s difficult for me to open up to new people since I’ve always had a twin I could talk to. I like it when people come up to me first, say hi, and introduce themselves, but this doesn’t always happen, so it’s easier just to stick with the people I already know, like my twin. But only having your twin sister as a friend is less than ideal. Ally and I know everything about each other, but still find out new things about each other all the time. One funny example is that I recently found out that Ally hates the pillow she brought to college! Hitting it off with Gianna and Lila right off the bat was a relief because I have a great roommate and a great friend! For all of orientation, Ally and I never left each other’s side, but sharing a room with Lila and hanging out with Gianna is like what I’ve done with my sister all my life. Seeing what campus life is like with someone other than Ally is nice, but I love to be with her, too. Thankfully, we’re all friends and the four of us hang out together. Coming to Geneseo has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made and we’re truly happy here! Going to college with your sibling is not what people typically do because they’re always around each other, but Ally and I are a bit out of the ordinary. We’re twins and we love being together , so if you think you’re seeing double on campus, it’s okay because there are two of us!

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