College bucket list

So far being a first-year at SUNY Geneseo has been a positive experience. I’m very lucky to have already made a lot of close friends, and thankfully I enjoy the majority of my classes. Although it’s somewhat small, the intimate campus size makes the experience feel all the more homelike, and I can’t picture myself attending another school. As a member of the volleyball team, I arrived on campus a week early, which allowed me to ease into the college atmosphere. I don’t think the process would have been as smooth for me if I was not a member of a sports team. In the past month, I’ve crossed a few things off of my “College Bucket List.” First, I changed my major from Biology to Sociomedical Sciences, and the switch was more seamless than I imagined. Next, I’ve experienced bouts of uncontrollable homesickness that never seem to go away easily, as well as the feeling of losing touch with some friends from home, but I have since reached out to them and we’ve been able to catch up. Lastly, I’ve had a few stressful moments late at night in my dorm room due to my workload as a STEM major, as well as the adjustment from a “Covid senior year” of high school to a somewhat normal freshman year of college. Considering last year was half in-person and half virtual, I felt as if I did not receive a truly rigorous year academically, and senioritis kicked in early. Therefore, the start of my first college semester has felt a bit abrupt, but I have adjusted quickly. Despite the adversities I’ve had to face, I’m eager to see what’s in store for the rest of my first year at Geneseo!

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