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Hello. My name is James Hoffman. I am a freshman here at Geneseo. I am from Hamburg, NY, a suburb just south of Buffalo, so I am a huge Bills fan. My favorite hobbies are running and listening to music, preferably rock. I have four sisters, and I am the only boy in the family, so there are some struggles and also some advantages. I have a dog, which I miss the most about home, and a cat (my dog’s name is Reilly, and the cat is Benny). I have lived in the same house my whole life, and I love it. It is located on a country road in the middle of a suburb. I am a very spiritual person, being someone who was raised in a Catholic household. I have gone to a Catholic school my whole life, until now. My high school, St. Francis, shaped me into the man I am today. It is an all-boys school, so it is a little different coming to Geneseo, a co-ed college. I am on the cross-country/track team here at Geneseo. I am a business admin major on a pre-law track. I was a history major for the first week of school, but I switched.

I chose Geneseo because it is a small school, close enough to home to visit, but far enough to feel independent, it is the best SUNY school academically, affordable, and the cross country/track program is very successful. I also chose it because the business admin major and the pre-law track are great here. In my first few weeks here, I have loved it. My suitemates are all very nice and unique in their own way. All six of us are each from different parts of the state, which is pretty cool. We all applied to be in a regular corridor dorm, but we all got thrown together in a suite for some reason. I am so glad we did! I love that we have our own common room and bathroom. All six of us have the same preferences and tastes. It is awesome! We decorated the common room very nicely. We have a TV, futon, rug, LED lights, lawn chairs, posters, and flags. We are going to put another futon in there, so it looks more like a home each day that passes. It is just great to be living with five other guys because I have more of a social life than I think I would have if it were just my roommate and me. The guys on the cross-country team have treated me so well and are great friends, especially the upperclassmen. For the first few days, and the whole summer leading up to it, I was not looking forward to college. I am not fond of new experiences and loved high school so much, I didn’t want to start over. Then, everything clicked after a week or two. Now, I love it here.

I love all of my classes, especially this one. When I saw that I was placed in this class, I scratched my head at what it could possibly be. Yet, after a few classes, I found that it was a writing class and a pretty genius one at that. Jaime is a great professor, and I am glad that she teaches me how to become a better writer. In the first week of class, I got to learn more about myself through the writing task. I also met Jackson, who is a sophomore. I told him my story about my first day as a freshman here at Geneseo and that it was a very pleasant experience. He then told my story back to me, to which he did an excellent job listening. He then told me his story of his first day as a freshman here at Geneseo. I listened intently to his story, which was the opposite of mine. He was nice and comforting to me when he said, “Give it two weeks, and then you will have lots of friends”. In the second week, we had some wonderful guests talk to us about the project. I am glad they want to work with us on this and want it to be our best work. By semester’s end, I hope to learn a lot from this class and to become a better writer. All around, I aspire to adjust to college life at Geneseo and to continue my success from high school, academically and athletically.

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