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Hello there! I am Mung Dan La, Maran. Most people call me Maran or Dan, and I am okay with both. I am from Buffalo, NY. 2021 is my freshman year at SUNY Geneseo, I’m happy to be here. I was in a graduating class of 2020 in high school, and it was when the COVID-19 first started spreading. My senior year went by fast, I felt like I did not have much time to enjoy being a senior in high school and missed all the fun with friends due to the virus. Because of this, I am trying to start new at college, have fun and work hard. I will be pursuing an accounting major, I am interested in computer programming and anything that has to do with numbers and logic. Not that I’m good with math, but I am looking forward to working with people who have the same interests as me and forming lasting friendships even after college.

I chose SUNY Geneseo to attend because it’s not too far away from home, and it has a joint ROTC program with RIT. I just started Geneseo, and it has been great so far. I think Geneseo has amazing campuses, beautiful hills, and sunsets you can watch when it comes to its geography. Geneseo is a beautiful place, and it even reminds me of the Christian summer camp I went to in 2015-2016. I used to think that Geneseo would be a lot more different from a high school. But Small classrooms, and professors still create a sense of a friendliness and welcoming environment that we all feel comfortable enough to learn, express our feelings and grow. Overall, I’m glad to be here, knowing that I made the right decision for the next step in my career.

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